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DigitalBank Ultra Private
Crypto Custody Tech   

The Fort Knox of Crypto Banking 
Anonymous Crypto Bank
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The DigitalBank Vault

The DigitalBank Vault

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Ultra Secure Crypto Storage Systems
Anonymous Crypto Banking Solutions


The DigitalBank Vault Limited is a Cyber Security Company that provides ultra-secure

encryption solutions to the Crypto, Blockchain,

Fintech, and Communication Industries.

The DigitalBank Vault is not a crypto wallet or crypto custody provider,

we supply sophisticated military-grade encryption

systems for securing your crypto funds. 

The DigitalBank Private Crypto Vault Technology, 

is the only anonymous and fully secure way, to save your Crypto Riches,

for immediate use or for future generations.


We are experts in cryptocurrency inheritance and developed

our Multi-Signature Crypto Storage System 

in cooperation with leading law firms, worldwide.

The DigitalBank Vault offers absolute anonymity,

more than any other form of crypto banking.


All other Crypto storage solutions such as Hardware Wallets,

Cold Storage, Software Wallets and Crypto Exchanges

have total control over your money and personal details

and somehow they may even have access to your private keys.

​Take Full Control of Your Personal Crypto Wealth

with the Safest Crypto Custody Technology