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cold storage


If the device with DigitalBank Crypto Vault is seized or stolen, taken apart, and forensically analyzed the private keys cannot be retrieved.    


If the cold storage device or computer is seized or stolen and taken apart, forensic analysis can recover private keys. 


The air-gapped computer only provides protection if it can be kept safe in the local environment.

DigitalBank Crypto Vault System Requires minimal technical skills. Low risk for lost funds

due to user error.  


Cold storage requires a high level of technical skill. If a strict protocol is not followed funds can be lost.

DigitalBank there are zero maintenance costs, cold storage is an expensive operating system 

If the DigitalBank device is seized, lost, or stolen the funds are completely safe.


Users can just order a new device and continue to access Blockchain and their crypto funds. 


If a Cold Storage computer is seized, lost or stolen the funds stored on this machine are likely permanently lost unless a back-up was made. In this case, the back-up itself is a security risk depending on where it is being stored.

With the DigitalBank the users can access their funds at any time, even years later. It doesn't matter if the device is lost or missing.


With the Cold Storage users must rely on keeping their "air-gapped" machine safe at all times and in their possession. Without the machine, funds cannot be retrieved.

DigitalBank is extremely user-friendly: When using the DigitalBank Crypto Vault, very easy to operate through an intuitive interface.

As easy as sending an email.


While Cold Storage is Very difficult to operate when funds

need to be moved.

User error can cause a loss of funds.

Video and PDF Presentation

With the DigitalBank No way for an attacker to access funds stored by device either online or locally.    


With Cold Storage: Many identified weaknesses and attack vectors that make this solution prone to security risks. Internal workers can take control of  client keys or even an entire air-gapped computer that holds the private keys

DigitalBank gives you full control over your private keys while Cold Storage holds your keys and you just need to trust them and pray daily that nothing awful will happen such as internal hacking,  fire in the cold storage premises, earthquakes, or floods...


Cold Storage is Susceptible to Physical Damage

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The DigitalBank Vault

The DigitalBank Vault

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