The DigitalBank Encryption Device

The DigitalBank Encryption Device

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DigitalBank Vault®  Encryption Machines

provide sophisticated Digital Anti Interception,

Anti Surveillance & Anti Data Eavesdropping Technologies:

military-grade encryption systems for ultra-secure anonymous communication

(voice, video & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & storage solutions.


Protect your organization with the

Impenetrable Keyless Encryption of  DigitalBank Vault ®


DigitalBank Vault is providing advanced cybersecurity and cyberdefense services in the Principality of Monaco. 

Anti Interception, Anti Surveillance & Anti Data Eavesdropping Technologies


We supply sophisticated solutions for ultra-encrypted communications

that guarantee total privacy and absolute anonymity.

Secure Your Personal and Business Communication with 

the DBV Mobile & Desktop Machines 

Our goal is to give Monaco's businesses the means to navigate 

the digital space and communicate through mobile and computers  

without worrying about the security of their data.


We’re here in Monaco to minimize the risk, remove the threats,

implement full control over the process, and clear the way with complete confidentiality for you to focus on your business.

For Private Bankers, Lawyers, and Accountants in the Principality of Monaco:


Secure your clients’ data from cybercriminals and violators,

and preserve the integrity of their privacy and business.

You can ensure confidentiality, integrity, authenticity,

as well as the availability of data among members

and clients of your organization.

Control the security of the communication inside your financial institution

and make sure that no information ends up in the wrong hands.

Facilitate ultra-secure critical communications between partners,

workers and clients.


Prevent compromising the safety of individuals

working with your enterprises.

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Use Anywhere 


Leave No Trace

Serverless P2P Voice & Video Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Messaging 

Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat

Ultra Secure File Transfer

and Storage

Immune to Digital Forensic Analysis

Anonymous CryptoCurrency Storage 

We Provide Advanced Cyber Defense Solutions 

The cyber defense used to be a concern for large companies and government agencies,

not the average person.


But now there is a new breed of the hacker who targets an individual’s smartphone and laptops,

 personal and business data stored by small to medium-sized companies in the Principality of Monaco.

DigitalBank Vault Cyber Defense is all about giving an entity the ability to thwart cyberattacks

on the go through cybersecurity. It involves all processes and practices that will defend a network,

its data, and nodes from unauthorized access, hacking, or manipulation. 

Financial Businesses in Monaco are interested to secure the customer data and

prevent potential financial hazards related to it. 

Take into consideration that such financial data is an incentive to hackers

and therefore while targeting Montecarlo’s firms in this field,

hackers will use the most advanced hacking tools to bypass your firewalls.


All your Monaco’s clients can have the assurance that he or she can conduct business

without worrying about the ever-growing cyber threats.

What DigitalBank Vault provides in the Principality of Monaco? 

Proactive Cyber Defence solutions acting in anticipation to oppose an attack

involving computers and networks.


Providing ultra-secure communications between office managers and clients.

Supplying unbreakable file transfers between your office’s colleagues and relative client base.

Protection of commercial secrets and customer data. 

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