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ULIN Cyber Interception

ULIN Cyber Interception

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Cellphone Spyware Tech  

Unlimited  Cellphones Interception 
Worldwide on 5G/4G/3G

DBV ULIN is a world-leading cyber intelligence solution that enables intelligence agencies to remotely and covertly extract valuable intelligence from virtually any mobile device.

This breakthrough solution was developed by veterans of elite intelligence
agencies to provide  a way to address the new communications interception challenges in today's highly dynamic cyber battlefield.

By capturing new types of information from mobile devices,  DBV ULIN bridges a substantial technology gap to deliver the most accurate intelligence for your security operations.

DBV ULIN silently  ( zero click spyware) , deploys invisible software ("agent") on the target device ( iPhones iOS and Android OS) 

This agent resides within the OS and cannot be removed , even with a device reset.  The "Agent" then extracts and securely transmits the collected data for analysis.

Installation is performed remotely (over-the-air), does not require any action from or engagement with the target, and leaves no traces whatsoever on the device.

The Benefits of DBV ULIN

Organizations that deploy DBV ULIN are able to overcome the challenges mentioned above
to achieve unmatched mobile intelligence collection:

Unlimited access to target's mobile devices:   
Remotely and covertly collect information about your target's relationships, location, phone calls, plans and activities – whenever and wherever they are

Intercept calls:
Transparently monitor voice and VoIP calls in real-time

Bridge intelligence gaps:
Collect unique and new types of information (e.g., contacts, files,
environmental wiretap, passwords, emails, social media, encrypted messages, etc.) to deliver the most accurate and complete intelligence

Handle encrypted content and devices:
Overcome encryption, SSL, proprietary protocols and any hurdle introduced by the complex communications world

Application monitoring:
Monitor a multitude of applications including Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Threema, Facebook Messenger , Signal, Telegram and more

Pinpoint targets: 
Track targets and get accurate positioning information using GPS

Service provider independence: 
No cooperation with local Mobile Network Operators (MNO) is needed

Discover virtual identities: 
Constantly monitor the device without worrying about frequent switching of virtual identities and replacement of SIM cards

Avoid unnecessary risks:   
Eliminate the need for physical proximity to the target or device at any phase

Intercept any cellular call worldwide

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The DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption Technology

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