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DigitalBank Ultra Private
Crypto Custody Tech   

The Fort Knox of Crypto Banking 
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The DigitalBank Vault

The DigitalBank Vault

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Ultra Secure Crypto Storage Systems
Anonymous Crypto Banking Solutions


The DigitalBank Vault Limited is a Cyber Security Company that provides ultra-secure

encryption solutions to the Crypto, Blockchain,

Fintech, and Communication Industries.

The DigitalBank Vault is not a crypto wallet or crypto custody provider,

we supply sophisticated military-grade encryption

systems for securing your crypto funds. 

The DigitalBank Private Crypto Vault Technology, 

is the only anonymous and fully secure way, to save your Crypto Riches,

for immediate use or for future generations.


We are experts in cryptocurrency inheritance and developed

our Multi-Signature Crypto Storage System 

in cooperation with leading law firms, worldwide.

The DigitalBank Vault offers absolute anonymity,

more than any other form of crypto banking.


All other Crypto storage solutions such as Hardware Wallets,

Cold Storage, Software Wallets and Crypto Exchanges

have total control over your money and personal details

and somehow they may even have access to your private keys.

​Take Full Control of Your Personal Crypto Wealth

with the Safest Crypto Custody Technology 

Our Custodial Systems are based on the

Triple Zero Standard 000

developed by our laboratories : 

Zero Trust - Zero Knowledge - Zero Storage 


The DigitalBank Crypto Vault allows you independent control of your crypto assets: 

You are the only one that controls and can access your crypto funds. 

The DigitalBank Vault Device is not a hardware wallet,

it is not a cold storage wallet, it is not an online wallet.


This is a new form of ultra secured crypto storage,

totally controlled by the user based on a patent-pending technology

that requires no private/public keys pair management.


A Disruptive System for Safeguarding Digital Assets  


We provide ultra-secure self custody solutions,

along with the most advanced technological tools

for managing your own crypto funds, interact with the blockchain,

obtain total absolute security and guarantee your cryptocurrency holdings. 

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault Technology is Enabling

ultra-secure & anonymous custody of

Digital Assets assets for the financial crypto industry.

Nobody have access to your Private Keys

or Crypto Funds,

at any given time. 
Get Top-Level Protection for Your Crypto Investment Now.

Have total, end-to-end control over your cryptocurrency. 

DigitalBank provides users with a crypto custody solution

that covers the entire spectrum of cyber threats,

including state-sponsored attacks.



DigitalBank Crypto Vault Technology

is solving urgent issues like: 

Hacking of Crypto Exchanges and Wallets,

Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning,

the Loss of Access to Bitcoin and Crypto Accounts,


Cryptocurrency Insurance,


Loss of cryptocurrency because of user's errors,


the Physical Loss of Hardware Wallets and Paper wallets,


Confiscation and Seizure of Crypto Accounts,


Freeze and Block of Crypto Funds

and many more problems connected to Crypto account holdings.


Individuals and Financial Institutions are now able to store and invest their digital assets and crypto wealth in an ultra-secure and fully insured system, that will guarantee total control, full privacy, absolute anonymity to the account holder while storing unlimited crypto wealth more securely than

any bank in the World.


The DigitalBank System guarantees secured lifetime access to you and the people you decide to share the account with,

including heirs and inheritors.


Users can access their funds at any time,

even years later. It doesn’t matter if the DigitalBank Crypto Vault device is lost,

stolen, seized, or missing.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault System is an Encryption Tech for Securing the storage of Crypto and requires no technical skills in order to operate it.


It is Impossible to lose funds

due to user error because

the crypto wallet is so easy to use

This is the World's Most Secured & Anonymous Crypto Custody Technology available allowing Confidential Financial Assets Transfers & Transactions.


100%  Anonymous Crypto Banking. 


There is a saying in the crypto world: if you don’t hold your private key,

someone else does.  
This has certainly been the case cryptocurrency exchanges,

where millions of user funds have been

stolen in recent years.

And even the most so-called

'secure' hardware wallets and cold storage

where the operating company controls ‘safely’ the user's private keys, 

they too have been hacked, again with hundreds of millions in crypto being stolen.


Our Crypto Custody Solutions are based

on the Science of Emptiness:

creating the illusion of nothingness to potential hackers. 


NO Storage. Nothing To Hack.  



Instead of generating and storing your private keys,

like all other wallets, the DigitalBank Crypto Vault ,

uses a different crypto cybersecurity concept based on

the Triple Zero Standard 


Zero Trust, Zero-Knowledge & Zero Storage of keys pairs.

This means that each crypto transaction is verified without exposing any

sensitive information about the users involved. 

The result is an ultra-secure cryptosystem that is a

a huge step up in crypto security.


DB_Wallet_ frontnback.jpg

Even if your own Device, with the DigitalBank Crypto Vault, installed on it,

is seized, lost, stolen, or even hacked,

there is nothing that anyone can do to extract any private keys,

because the crypto vault integrated within your device

is functioning in the total absence of keys. 

DigitalBank is the only real and fully decentralized solution:

No Institution, No Physical Address, No servers, No data storage: 100% Paperless. 100% Nameless. 100% Decentralized.

DigitalBank Crypto Vault means a Guaranteed Lifetime Account Access.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is the safest and only fully

independent Cryptocurrency Custody Solution available:

this is the only Safe Haven of Bitcoin and Crypto Investors for storing securely

and in complete anonymity, all major cryptocurrencies.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is the real solution

to people seeking top-level private, secured,

ultra confidential crypto banking.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is the only feasible solution to store,

insure, inherit, and cash Bitcoin riches. 


The DigitalBank Crypto Vault software system utilizes advanced

proprietary cryptography techniques with Military-grade protection.

With the DigitalBank Vault technology, your crypto money is

safer than in any bank vault on earth.  

The System is not working on private keys storage, 

so there is no risk that someone can obtain information

through forced entry.  

If your device with the installed DigitalBank Crypto Vault, 

is taken apart and forensically analyzed,

the private & public keys cannot be retrieved for one simple reason:

the keys are not there and were never there. 

The DigitalBank Vault system is close to unbreakable.



You are the only one that can access your crypto funds. 


Remember ZERO TRUST:

you do not need to trust any third party for your crypto custodial needs 


DigitalBank Vault is the only feasible solution, to be in total control of your money.

The important fact is that your crypto funds can never, ever be tracked,

blocked or frozen by anyone on earth!  

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault gives you the maximum financial privacy you deserve. 

The DBV solution is ideal for Crypto Managers and Digital Assets Custodians,

looking for convenience and streamlined operations with zero compromises on security.

The DigitalBank is enabling a new era in financial services and crypto solutions,

safeguarding crypto assets for Banks,

Hedge Funds and High Net Worth individuals.

DBV Technology is providing unprecedented digital asset security

to institutional investors by enabling the full insurance coverage   
​DigitalBank Technology brings the final solution to the public 

who needs to fully secure his digital assets

and manage them easily on a simple interface.

It brings a solution to banks that will be able to offer ultra secured

cryptocurrency storage combined with Crypto management tools.

It supplies the insurance companies with a huge new potential

the business of insuring cryptocurrency holdings of their clients.

The DigitalBank propose the banks a very attractive legal solution

to enter the Cryptocurrency field,

while increasing their revenues and customer base, at zero costs.


The DigitalBank is solving forever the Cryptocurrency custodianship issue

to Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Investment Firms,

and Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning.


DigitalBank Vault proprietary cryptographic algorithms

permit deep cold-wallet storage,

which also enables hot-wallet functionality,

with "keyless systems", eliminating cyber-attack vulnerabilities.

Screenshot (1084).png


​The DigitalBank is the real Fort Knox

of Bitcoin Storage. 

DigitalBank is the only 100% Secured

Vault for the Bitcoin and Crypto

Long Term Investors.

Easy and Simple Interface for

operating your account:

zero technical skills needed.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is an

ultra-secure encryption system. 


Its breakthrough is in the signing of transactions in a safe environment, while not managing any private keys.

This is the most secure ‘crypto wallet’ available and finally,

brings true security to the crypto

Finance and Investment world. 

Order Today your DigitalBank Vault 

In case of loss of your device, you can install it on a new one, and access again your crypto funds

on the Blockchains. 

This is by far, the most private crypto banking system ever developed. 

 This is the only real Anonymous Cryptocurrency Custodial System available on earth.

DigitalBank is creating the Future of Confidential CryptoBanking. 

No documentation or personal details needed for Opening Crypto Accounts,

100% anonymous and totally confidential crypto accounts.


We are selling you a banking grade encryption technology that includes

a tool for self-managing your crypto funds

and your private interaction with the Blockchain. 


We are not involved in any type of direct crypto custody,

we do not hold your private keys and we or anyone else will never know your keys.


Remember Zero Trust!   

The First and Only Decentralized Anonymous Crypto Banking System in the World 

The DigitalBank is your Anonymous vault for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency,

more secure than any cold storage option available on the markets.


You can finally remain independent of third-parties, to own your assets.

The DigitalBank breakthrough is in the signing of transactions without using any private keys - making the Crypto Storage technically unbreakable and close to unhackable. 

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault ™  Encryption Systems ​

are not storing permanently and have no ways to store any data,

files or information.




Crypto Inheritance

Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning: 

For the majority of crypto investors,

the last thing we think about is where our

crypto will go when we die or

consider cryptocurrency inheritance

in our legacy planning.


However, like your traditional wealth

(no matter how small that maybe),

it’s extremely important that you take control

of your digital assets and plan

where they will be dispersed

in the event of your death

and what impact it will have on your family

when it comes to bitcoin taxes

and what cut the taxman will want.

Although the last thing your family is thinking about is your crypto upon your death, 

it will be nice for them to

inherit your hard-earned assets. 


So, making this process as easy as possible will save them a lot of time and hassle trying

to work out what your ‘private’,

and ‘public keys’ are.


Why do we say that the

DigitalBank is based on a

Virtually Unbreakable Encryption? 

The secret is quite simple:

we do not use private or public keys,

anywhere, anytime.


Hackers cannot extract your private keys

because it is not actually residing anywhere. 


All other crypto wallets solutions will generate your private key for you and will

store your private key encrypted,

this is the reason they are constantly hacked.


Our Crypto Vault is operating in

the total absence of private keys. 


We do not need to store your private keys,

our patented quantum-resistant encryption algorithms are replacing the use of keys 

You create instantly crypto transactions using our ultra secured encryption system, keys are generated by our proprietary encryption technology, for a few milliseconds

just for signing the crypto transactions

and then disappear from the device used,

permanently without any recovery options.



The concept is crystal clear:


the Private Key stored for a few milliseconds,

for confirming the transaction, is then deleted in a sophisticated way, permanently,

from the device, and from that moment the private key

cannot be found anywhere 


The DigitalBank  Crypto Vault System generates keys for immediate transactions 

in a 100% secured way, the same second they are needed

for confirming transactions and they are whipped out from any memory.

At any given time, there are no third parties involved,

nobody knows your private key

and they are never stored on any servers or devices. ​

 The DigitalBank Vault is the only Crypto Custody Solution 

that provides a Lifetime Access Guaranteed to your Heirs.


The Security of your Crypto Funds is never, ever, compromised. 

If the device you used is seized or stolen,

taken apart, and forensically analyzed no real data can be retrieved.

All DigitalBank Vault devices provide the user,

with the maximum privacy possible,

which is a basic legal right of every citizen of a democratic state. 


Screenshot (415).png





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