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Going Dark: How to Completely Disappear From the Cellular Network

Going Dark: How to Completely Disappear From the Cellular Network

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The DigitalBank
Vault SuperEncryption

The DigitalBank Vault Cipher Machine is an ultra-secure encryption system that allows 100% secure communication & protects sensitive and confidential information with top-grade, end-to-end encryption on an impenetrable platform,

that includes audio, voice, image and

text messages, secure files transfers,

and secure file storage. 

DigitalBank Vault Clients can use the encryption system on dedicated offline devices worldwide, in complete confidentiality, in all languages, all social media platforms, all messaging systems, on all smartphones and PCs.   



DigitalBank Vault Encryption Machines protect users from all types of data breaches and withstands any hacking attacks for one simple reason, it does not store permanently any encryption keys, anywhere, anytime.  


The DigitalBank Vault ™ Encryption Machine is an end to end encrypted with our proprietary One Time Pad Keyless Multiple Encryption Technology


It does not store any encryption keys ​, peer to peer-based communication between offline, air-gapped devices, ​

not passing through any servers,​ so that there is no third party involved at any given moment.

If the dedicated device used is stolen, seized, or lost, ​no data can be retrieved by any forensic means, because it was never stored correctly, in the first place.  


It's like breaking into

an Empty Bank Vault. 

Our algorithms make sure that encryption keys are generated ,exclusively by the user, for milliseconds and are never stored permanently on the device. 

No real and usable information can be ever extracted from the air-gapped device because it is not stored at any given time on the device used. 


The DigitalBank Vault Tech secure your confidential communications : SuperEncrypting with a keyless technology, your emails, the text chats, the audio, video and voice messages 

are peer to peer, without any third party servers involved. 


The Databases are One Time Pad Multiple Encrypted:

totally anonymous file storage, full protection from data leaks,

and man in the middle attacks. 


Users of DigitalBank Vault ® Cipher Machine technology are confident in the knowledge that

the privacy and integrity of their communications across the spectrum of delivery,

will be ultra-secure, seamless, and near to invulnerable to interception and hacking.



It’s such a revolutionary concept in cybersecurity, a completely new approach:

the ​DigitalBank Vault ™ SuperEncryption Machine is using multiple and combined encryption algorithms in order to create on the spot, encryptions keys, that are never stored anywhere, anytime.  

The Encryption keys used are generated for a few milliseconds

and then disappear permanently from the device.


They are not stored permanently on the device or any server, and will be again generated,

on the spot, at the same moment, the user needs them.
Nothing is permanently stored on the device 
so that

there is nothing that can be ever extracted from it. 

You lose the device, no data is compromised.
You just get a new device and restart your confidential communication sessions

or retrieve your anonymous files from the cloud. 

Please note: the system is passwordless:

no password or username needed to access it. 

Our Identity Access Management is revolutionary.


DigitalBank Vault ® is a Zero-Knowledge,


Communication tech

What is Zero-Knowledge, Zero-Trust 

Cascade Encryption?

In a nutshell, Zero-Knowledge, Zero-Trust Multiple Encryption means that you are in full control of the entire encryption process, that happens offline without any servers involved.

The Powerful DigitalBank Vault Keyless Encryption protocols protect your chat messages (text, voice, and video) to ensure absolutely private and untraceable communication.

Non-server-routed messages,

 100% guarantee of your privacy and anonymity. 

Even if you lose your encryption device, your information is absolutely safe because nothing valuable can be ever extracted from it.


Peer-to-peer (P2P) SuperEncrypted Messaging,

making eavesdropping virtually impossible.