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The DigitalBank Native Platform: No folders to open, no Chrome extensions to use, & no third-party websites. No servers. No Registrations. 

100% Anonymous


All digital assets conveniently appear on one dashboard with all crypto balances & USD valuations displayed.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault 

is device-independent. 

You can have as many wallets as you want on as many devices you want.


You can open an unlimited number of wallets with one device only or on multiple devices.  

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault device is a multi-signature crypto custody solution.

You can have as many wallet users as you want with one device.


You can open joint wallets

with up to 5 people.

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The security issues connected to hardware wallets

The Private Key Issue:

The greatest challenge for all hardware wallet devices is to make sure that

private keys are at all times protected from exposure.


The DigitalBank Crypto Vault solves this security problem once and for all

in the most simple way possible – no private keys actively used

and therefore not stored permanently

on the device or anywhere else.

Private Keys are stored permanently (although encrypted) on all the hardware wallet

devices so that they can easily be retrieved by expert engineers.


The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is not storing permanently private keys or passwords,

because its combination of encryption algorithms are replacing them,

they are generating on the spot the data needed in order to confirm the transaction

with the blockchain and then immediately erase permanently all information,

so that in case someone wants to try to extract this data,

he will find only useless fragmented pieces of unusable information.


This is another layer of security that goes beyond keeping the private key outside the computer environment or from devices with internet access.


So even if your DigitalBank  Crypto Vault is seized or stolen, there is nothing that anyone

can do to extract the private keys because they are not on the device and whatever is left

is just fragmented, useless pieces of random data.

The DigitalBank Vault is a huge technological leap forward and surpasses the security of paper wallets, hardware wallets, and even the most sophisticated forms of cold storage

(“air-gapped” computer that has never been connected to the internet).

Then the Backup issue: Anyone who finds a list of 24 words

( the usual backup of your private key on those wallets)

knows instantly it's a crypto wallet.


This is a major attack vector that has been eliminated from the DigitalBank Crypto Vault

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Firmware Updates: We can all agree that no matter how secure a hardware wallet is, it is user error that can be the biggest cause of lost or stolen funds. Through an advanced security process, we created a system that needs no updates. 

No Downloads: There is no need to download and install firmware's updates, or delete and add token apps in order to keep your device up to date. No dangerous online updates are sent to your device. 

No phishing issues, you don't get an email with links to download, because of the fact that our encryption device has no update options.

Not only is this a flawless experience for the user, but it is also 100% secure.


Corrupt updates or rogue malware are quickly rejected by our encryption device.

Downloading updates & installing applications

is completely unsafe.

With the DigitalBank Crypto Vault,

you will never need to download

& install anything at all.


There will be no more complicated firmware updates like on all other hardware wallets

because there are no updates  

No connections to your possibly

compromised PC is needed.

The Encrypted Wifi connection makes the DigitalBank Crypto Vault incredibly convenient

to control your digital assets through a discreet

and military-grade secure encryption system 

under your own hands and under your control.

No more messy wires:

There is no need to connect your

DigitalBank Crypto Vault to a computer

with a cable, at any given time.


Wherever you are, your crypto vault always

works wirelessly over any WiFi network.  


But the primary reason DigitalBank Vault is designed as a wireless system is to completely isolate the most critical functions from

the computer so that there is no possibility

of exposure to malware.


Your device only transmits approvals

(not private keys) to the blockchain. 


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User-Friendly: DigitalBank is offering high security and ease of use, managing your money should be efficient and productive.

With the DigitalBank Crypto Vault you can view all of your balances at a glance and quickly switch from one cryptocurrency to another whether for personal or business use.
The intuitive interface allows you to interact with all of your assets in a simple and convenient manner, much easier than using your bank app, when you log into your bank account, everything is clear and easy to navigate.
The DigitalBank Vault ecosystem features a single-user interface that does not require any other third-party plugins, servers or software to be used or installed. 
 Indeed the DigitalBank Crypto Vault is the final and ultimate solution for storing in a secure way cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets.
It is so remarkably simple to use that anyone can now safely store and send millions of dollars without any doubt over security.
And while it is so deceptively easy to use, it contains numerous groundbreaking technological advancements in encryption technology.

Your crypto balance dashboard rapidly scans all blockchains to show your balances and is regularly updated so that your experience and interaction with your crypto assets are always, fast, flawless, and seamless.
Indeed this is the way it should be and ushers in the full promise and potential of the emerging blockchain economy.

Unlike ordinary hardware wallets that can only store a limited number of folders (and then you have to delete them and

install new ones in order to view other cryptocurrencies), the DigitalBank Crypto Vault will support all currencies and assets under a single interface.

As we add support for additional currencies and assets over time, they will all be supported by your device without the need for you to do anything, download anything, or install anything. 

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Crypto Insurance and Crypto Inheritance Enabled

Crypto Inheritance: The DigitalBank Vault Crypto Custody Solution is enabling cryptocurrency inheritance planning, a very important fact because the next generation will be the first one to inherit cryptocurrency.


The DigitalBank Vault was designed to secure your legacy of wealth lifetime after lifetime after lifetime…

Crypto Insurance: The DigitalBank Crypto Vault top-level security and with its multi-signature features enable insurance companies to develop special insurance programs for the long term crypto investors and crypto custodians.

The DB Crypto Vault is a breakthrough technology that offers a perfectly balanced combination of the most advanced security (surpassing any form of cold storage) for private and corporate use and is extremely simple to use.

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The DigitalBank Vault

The DigitalBank Vault

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