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Transform any Apple or Android Phone into a fully encrypted cellphone.


No App to Download . No Digital Trace Online.


Anti Interception. Anti Surveillance. Anti Espionage.  


No Servers involvement. 100% Peer to Peer Secret Communications. 

FREE Anonymous, Unbreakable, Untraceable, Impenetrable, SuperEncrypted Video/Audio Calls, Instant Messaging, File Transfers. 


Working on all Android Phones, Windows PCs, ChromeBooks, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMad PCs. No App to Download .

Do NOT trust any encrypted phones, use your own devices!


All Details Here Below:

Click on the Menu and choose "Register"
Your  Registration is Needed for blocking unauthorized users from accessing the communication network, however this is a  100% Anonymous Platform, you can use an anonymous email and username! 

It takes 24 hours from the Registration, in order to fully activate your account. Only Then, you will be able to start using the network. 

This Peer to Peer Private Communication Network, can be accessed from any web browser, from any device  with internet connection ( smartphones and PCs). 

To give a general idea , is functioning like Zoom, but the difference is that it does not use servers, and all communications are between devices and encryption keys are generated by you! 

 You access the Private Network by  Just clicking on

1. Insert your own "Secret Pass Phrase",  that is something you decide on the spot, and this secret phrase you invented, is creating the "One Time Pad" random encryption keys to the current communication session, and also the name of the "meeting room". 

In the sample above, we entered as a pass phrase "Keep100" , of course you can write whatever you want, it's your own private keys to the call. 

Then click on the arrow ,
this will lead you to the communication platform .
You can then opt to mute the camera, in case you want only an audio call
and not a video call. 

Then you can click


How to let your counterparts, you want to communicate with, to join ?

Either you send them a link ( explained below ) or you just pre-share with him, a time when he enters the webpage. Remember that they need to be also registered on the network , otherwise he will not be able to connect.

They need  connect with their username and password ,
then insert the pre fixed secret "pass phrase" you agreed upon, beforehand.  

All communications are Peer to Peer, between your two browsers ( therefore between two devices) , with no servers involvement.

It's SuperEncrypted, end to end, and encryption keys has been generated by you, on a one time basis, at the end of the session, everything is permanently erased, leaving no digital trail, anywhere.

Security Tips:  do not use your regular smartphone or laptop, they may be infected by spyware already!

Use a new dedicated device that will be always kept offline, and get online only when you need to communicate.

Do not use that dedicated device for anything else and do not download to it any apps.  Remember that you can always opt to use each time a new device, you borrow from someone, because there is nothing to download and everything is erased anyway. 

You can make video calls, audio calls and also send text messages and files , by using the left chat bottom.

You can
send an invitation link by clicking the + button ,

you can mute the audio, or the video,

and by clicking the red bottom on
you can end the session. 

Need Absolute Secrecy over your top classified communications and critical file's transfers? 

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