Click on the Menu on the upper right corner
First Time? You Need to Register. In case you are already registered and approved, just LogIn 
This is the page you will see , fill out and click "register'
After the Registration, the Administrator will have to approve your membership
If your registration is not approved you will not be able to access the Encrygma Communication Network 
If approved, you will be able to Login and you will enter your private page, where you can see all the meetings you have created and also create a new meeting by clicking
"+ Create Meeting" OR you can Join an ongoing meeting by entering the meeting ID    
By Clicking + Create Meeting , you will then have to fill out this form that includes the meeting details. The meeting ID is automatically created by our SuperEncryption System, but you will have to add Title, Description and a password you invent, that without it, no one invited will be able to access the meeting. 
You then click 'Save'
IMG_2916 (1).jpeg
You will see the details of the meeting appear under your list of meetings, with all the details of the meeting and then , with the below menu, you can invite people, delete the meeting, edit, copy the link to the meeting and of course Start the meeting. 
To Invite People to a meeting, they have to be registered and approved first, then you can "copy the link" and share it in a any way you want , or you can click on "Invite People', and an email will be sent to them. 
The Receiver of the Email will have to click on the link to join, then will have to insert his username and password and then he will be asked to insert the password of the meeting, that is mentioned within the email. If this person is not a registered and approved member, he will not be able to join the meeting.
IMG_2927 (1).jpeg
The Meeting Creator needs to "Start" the meeting from his private page, otherwise the people invited cannot enter the meeting room, until the meeting is not initiated by the host