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Anti Espionage Knox Ultra Encrypted Phones

Anti Espionage Knox Ultra Encrypted Phones

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Military Encrypted Phones
Ultra Encrypted iPhone
Encrypted Cellphones &
Mobile Cipher Machines 

iPhones & 

Super Encrypted  Cell Phones
& Mobile Encryption Machine 

The Super Encryption Tech can’t be deciphered by any Governments, Cyber Authorities, Intelligence Agencies , Homeland Security or State Sponsored Hackers 

The Encryption Machines can’t be penetrated by any type of Digital Forensic Extraction Tolls , they are immune to online and offline hacking and cyber attacks , spyware or malware infections

If you need to communicate top classified information,
transfer secret data or store sensitive files , you need an Anti Espionage and Anti Interception Cipher Machine.

The Cipher Machine is an above “Government Level”,
Quantum Safe Encryption, mathematically uncrackable, no matter how much computational power is applied. 

Anti Interception
Anti Espionage
Anti Hacking
Anti Spyware 
Anti Location Tracking 
Anti Digital Forensic Data Extraction
Anti Tapping
Anti Remote Digital Surveillance


DBV Ⓡ SuperEncryption
Mobile & Desktop Machines 

The Only Cyber Defense Solution for protecting the public and private sector against State-sponsored Cyber Attacks. 

Anonymous, Unbreakable, Untraceable, Impenetrable, SuperEncrypted Video & Audio Calls, Instant Messaging, File Transfers. 

Tech Specifications 

The SuperEncryption Machines Are Immune to :


Cyber Espionage

Remote Hacking

Spyware Infection

Malware Infection

Forensic Data Extraction

Ransomware Attacks

Electronic Surveillance