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Most Secure Crypto Bank

We are the Fort Knox of Cryptocurrency and Financial Assets Transfers



​Problems that DigitalBank  Encryption Technology is solving :

 1) Stop the Hacking of Crypto Exchanges and Wallets.

 2 ) Stop the loss of access keys to Bitcoin and Crypto accounts

 3) Stop the Loss of Hardware Wallets and Paper wallets

 4 ) Maximum Security Cryptocurrency custodianship technology  for Institutional Investors, hedge funds and pensions, banks and investment firms

 5) Solutions for Cryptocurrency Wallets  Insurance Coverage

 6) Solutions for Secure Cryptocurrency Inheritance Planning 


There are dozens of ‘hardware wallets ‘ none of them are fully secured because they create for you and store the private key in an encrypted way, inside their device so that they can be hacked and the private key extracted.

No matter how intelligent are their encryption systems, there will be always a wiser hacking team that will develop a more advanced way to bypass their system , this is an endless and never-ending process of updating security on those devices, creating new firmware updates, and on the other end, for the hackers to find new vulnerabilities and entry points . 

The moment the hacker gets the private key of your wallet,

he can get your funds on the blockchain.

In addition all hardware wallets and online wallets involves a third party , it means the company that runs the hardware wallet holds backups of your private key, and as long as a third party has access to your private key, you are not safe, because your private key is found also in their hands and basically they can take hold of your crypto funds .


With the DigitalBank Crypto Vault, there is no third party involved,

because we never store permanently or know your private keys, at any given time.

In the DigitalBank Crypto Vault,  private/public keys are not used or stored inside the device,

they are actively replaced by our patented combination of encryption algorithms.

There is nothing to hack actually.

The DigitalBank System is just ultra-sophisticated encryption technology that does not store and has no way to store private keys, therefore an online or offline hacking attack is virtually impossible.

DBV is the only super secured crypto custody solution available and the only Crypto Storage 

that is insured by leading insurance companies Worldwide. 


DigitalBank  Vault Crypto Technology brings the final solution to the public who needs to secure

his digital assets and manage them easily on a very simple interface, that is user-friendly. 

It brings a solution to banks that will be able to offer ultra secured

cryptocurrency storage combined with Crypto Insurance. 

It supplies a fully secured cryptocurrency custody solution to large

investment firms and institutional investors.

It supplies the insurance companies with a huge new potential business

of insuring cryptocurrency holdings of their clients.

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Most Secure Crypto Bank
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DigitalBank DB Ultra Secured Crypto Vault: The DigitalBank is the Fort Knox of Bitcoin Storage

If you’re looking to secure your bitcoins, then look no further than the DigitalBank Encryption System.


We’ve developed a new standard of bitcoin security so you can rest assured that

your money is safe as it can be.


Secure bitcoin storage is what we do best.


We’ve developed a new standard in bitcoin security that protects your assets

by using ultra-sophisticated and independent crypto storage technology.

Built on the DigitalBank’s industry-leading, secure bitcoin storage tech, DigitalBank (DB) Vault 

helps businesses and financial institutions safeguard, organize, and manage their

bitcoin accounts while permitting full crypto insurance coverage

and ultra-secure crypto inheritance planning.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is a super-secure crypto custody solution that supports leading cryptocurrencies. Its breakthrough is in the signing of transactions without storing permanently any private keys – making the wallet almost impenetrable and bringing true security to crypto finance.

Video Tutorial and PDF Presentation 


Most Secure Crypto Bank

The DigitalBank created a super Friendly User Dashboard with

No possibility of ‘user errors’ that maybe end with the loss of crypto.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault, allows the user to store an unlimited amount of funds,

on an unlimited amount of wallets, without any risk or possibility of loss.

With the DB Crypto Vault, users will enjoy the highest level of security,

knowing that their funds are stored without any potential security flaws.

​The DigitalBank Solution is better than any Cold Storage,

Hardware Wallet or Paper Wallet solution.

​The Most Secured Crypto Vault on Earth

Our main goal is to find new and revolutionary encryption methods,

that will help build a more secure tomorrow in

the Crypto Banking and Communication Industry.  

We are the Fort Knox of Crypto Banking


We are the World's Most Secure Crypto Custody System

The DB device is a separate "isolated" encryption system, impenetrable, and technically unbreakable. This is the only way to secure private crypto asset management.   

No need to download firmware updates, 

not storing permanently any data,

including private keys -not transmitting private keys at any time.

100% anonymous accounts: nothing is stored, on any third-party servers.


DB is the most secure vault for your digital assets.


Buy, Sell, Send, Receive and Store Bitcoins

Private keys can never be exposed because they are replaced by our patented combination of encryption algorithms and are not stored anywhere at any given time.

DigitalBank means Exceptional Cyber Security

All the  DigitalBank devices are built on the same principles of not storing any private data, not storing private encryption keys, not storing any files of any form, at any given time.


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The DigitalBank Solution to Cyber Secured Crypto Storage: There is a saying in the crypto world—if you don’t hold your private key, someone else does. This has certainly been the case cryptocurrency exchanges, where millions of user funds have been stolen in recent months.  

So how can users protect their private keys (and funds) from hackers?

To perform a standard transaction using another wallet, you make use of a private key (a long, randomized alphanumeric string of data known only to you) and a public key that is out there for everyone to see.

Secrecy is paramount because if anyone else gets their hands on your private key, they have just as much power to access your funds as you do. 

The DigitalBank Vault Encryption System is coming to solve this problem. 

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies cannot happen until investor funds are truly secure.


Even keeping your private key completely offline in a paper wallet (literally written on a piece of paper) is less than optimal, since that piece of paper can be lost, destroyed in a fire, or stolen. Instead of generating and storing a private key, the DigitalBank Vault Device uses a different system.


Any kind of ” Keys” never leaves the DB System (so can’t be intercepted).

The Private/Public Keys are never stored permanently on the device used 

( so that they can’t be extracted). 

This means that each transaction is verified without exposing any sensitive information about the users involved or their private keys.
The result is an ultra secured crypto storage method, that is a huge step up in crypto security.

DigitalBank has a solution that stops hackers in their tracks. 

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault gives users the convenience of signing transactions that a private key would normally provide, but without forming and storing permanently a private key that can be copied and stolen. 

Traditionally, on all crypto wallets, the signing process is performed on a device on which secret user data (private key) is also stored or derived, which creates a single point of attack.
The DigitalBank Vault Tech replaces

the conventional method of

signing transactions with a

distributed signing algorithm.


As recent events around the world demonstrated, owners of cryptocurrency are in danger of being physically attacked by thieves who can force you to hand over access

to even a secure hard wallet.

That’s why the DigitalBank implemented mechanisms to protect user

funds in any situation.

Sure, nothing is unhackable,

but the DigitalBank Crypto Vault

comes so close and makes accessing user data so difficult that users

can finally feel secure about

their crypto holdings.

DigitalBank is the ultimate Safe Haven for Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency and it is the only really decentralized

crypto storage solution. 

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The DigitalBank Vault

The DigitalBank Vault

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