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A European Country Helped the FBI Intercept Anom Messages, But It Wants to Remain Hidden

A U.S. authored document obtained by Motherboard says that the unnamed country that was vital to the FBI being able to read messages from its honeypot phone company Anom was a “European Union member country.”

More details:

During Operation Trojan Shield, in which the FBI secretly managed an encrypted phone company called Anom in order to spy on organized crime syndicates on a global scale, the FBI enlisted the help of an unknown third country to collect the messages from backdoored Anom devices. That country obtained court orders under its own laws and acted as the data bottleneck that allowed the FBI to monitor Anom phones. The FBI has steadfastly refused to reveal which country that was.

Now there is some more information on where that country is located. The FBI used a country in the European Union to collect the messages before it transferred that data to the FBI, according to a U.S. authored document obtained by Motherboard.

The news provides some extra clarity on how the operation worked. But defense lawyers are still trying to find out what specific country helped the FBI, saying that information is vital to defending those accused as part of the wide spanning operation.

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