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“ A Family man” intercepted on #Encrochat , unmasked as the big-time drugs boss of Manchester



A 'family man' was unmasked a drugs boss after he sent pictures of £100,000 in cash and huge blocks of cocaine. Dad-of-two Darren Midgley has been jailed for 15 years after being revealed as a drugs 'wholesaler' within the criminal underworld.

Known as 'BigLobos' on the secretive EncroChat platform, Midgley was part of a criminal network profiting from cocaine. His home had undergone extensive renovations and he had three expensive watches.

Midgley was linked to at least 11-and-a-half kilos of the class A drug. He used EncroChat to chat with associates and arrange drug deals. In one exchange, he sent a contact images of kilo blocks of cocaine and said: "Better than I thought bro."

Midgley also sent an EncroChat user a picture of £100,000 in cash prior to a drugs deal. He employed a courier who also used the EncroChat network, who Midgley used at handovers.

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