• Adam Adler

Adam Adler: Securing Critical Communications, a secure line to your important business contacts



Adam Adler: DigitalBank Vault is mainly focusing on Mobile & IoT security, providing end-to-end secure communication solutions providing special developments and specialized handsets which deliver high-end interoperable security and safety solutions for the critical infrastructure sectors defense, law enforcement, emergency response, national security, and other governmental organizations. We are a trusted business partner with various government departments and agencies, and with years of experience and knowledge regarding the need for end-to-end and endpoint security, providing carefree technology that allows top-notch secure end-to-end data and human communication.

DigitalBank Vault is providing a secure line to your important business contacts

and delivers secure Mobile- and IoT solutions to protect critical information and communication on end-points, and during the process as end-to-end. Safeguarding sensitive data and critical information of organizations against eavesdropping, tampering, espionage, or interceptions on Mobile- or IoT networks and end-points.

We have a solution that meets the unique mobile security challenges of your industry.

Leverage the power of a comprehensive purpose-built portfolio to drive high-security mobility for your organization.

DigitalBank Vault is providing a secure line to your important business contacts

The technological age we live in has been good for many things. Except for Privacy. Listening in, eavesdropping, and snooping have become global industries.

We are concerned about the people who say they have our best interests at heart - the tech giants, the internet superpowers, the authorities. Concerned about the way technology collects personal data for profit. Concerned about the invasion and monetization of our privacy.

Feature one: message content protection | competitors cannot listen in to the content of your business messages and calls

Feature Two: message metadata protection | no one can know who your business dealings are with and leak company announcements

Feature Three: data tracking protection | your data connection cannot be snooped, protecting corporate systems and data

Feature Four: data theft protection | corporate data cannot be extracted from the phone hardware or microchips, and data cannot be lost

Every minute of every day, everywhere on the planet, dozens of companies - largely unregulated, little scrutinized - are logging the movements of tens of millions of people with mobile phones and storing the information in gigantic data files.