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Adam Adler: The Best Phone for Privacy & Security in 2021

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Mobile security is a real problem, so some manufacturers have options available to users concerned about protecting sensitive information stored on their devices.

Many of the most popular smartphone models are highly vulnerable to hacking, which should be reason enough for users to at least consider purchasing a safer computer without stopping to think about whether the design is good enough. Below are some high-security device options that deliver great performance to users.

For several years the interception of mobile communications has become an important field for the defense industry. The “Five Eyes” group, an intelligence alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, has not only bought technology to monitor telecommunications in different countries but also, to protect their own communications, began using encrypted mobile devices known as “crypto phones”.

These devices were designed to encrypt call and message signals with algorithms, protecting their users from any kind of interception or data leakage. An encrypted device is so secure that even if it gets involved no one could understand the messages or extract information from their calls. Below are some of the most popular crypto phones among security agencies and even used by some criminal groups, in addition to detailing some measures that law enforcement agencies have implemented against criminal use of these solutions.


Today there are many ways to communicate securely, maintaining our privacy, and leaving no trace that can be used against us. However, you need to stay informed and aware of new developments in mobile technology to know all the features that an encrypted smartphone has and know if it is really what we are looking for.

Block Interception

Tapping & Surveillance

on Your Organization

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated Digital Anti Surveillance & Anti Interception technologies: military-grade encryption systems for ultra-secure anonymous communication (voice, video & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & storage solutions


What is the most secure mobile phone a business can use?

This is a question that most larger corporations and even SMEs, that value their data and privacy, are asking. Especially as data and intellectual property have become a hot commodity, and hackers know it! Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods, forcing businesses to adapt to secure their mobile phones and protect their sensitive information.

Key areas of mobile phone security

How can all businesses, especially larger corporations, secure their mobile phones against hackers?

Firstly, businesses need to view mobile phone security on more than one level. Secure mobile phones will need to ensure that the three key areas are addressed, these being:

Hardware Security

Software Security

Network Security

Secure mobile phone features

From these key areas of mobile security, there is a very long list of technologies that need to be considered to ensure that they have a secure mobile deployment. These will include, but are certainly not limited to:

End to End Encryption

Duress Password

Encrypted Storage

Secure VPN Connectivity

Device Wipe

Locked Bootloader

Despite many of the mobile phone manufacturers' attempts to make their mobile phones secure, at a recent ethical hacker’s event in China, all three major brands’ phones were able to be hacked.

Businesses that need secure mobile phones

Businesses that use these less secure brands are more vulnerable to the risk of hacking than those that take mobile phone security as seriously as they do their computer systems.

There are a wide range of industries whose sensitive information must be kept secure, no matter whether it is on a static computer system or a mobile phone deployment, these include, to name a few:

Law & Accountancy Firms


Technology Developers

Manufacturing & Engineering

The Press & Journalism

It is important for businesses to realize that, as their workforce will likely to be working from home to a much greater extent in the future, mobile phone security will be an increasingly more important issue to address.

We understand the need for businesses to enable their workforce to communicate and share information freely, but with the peace-of-mind that the data and conversations will remain secure.

About Adam Adler: Adam Adler (Miami, Florida) is a Cyber Defense & Cyber Warfare Advisor, as well as Chairman of the Board for Digital Bank Vault. A long time entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience all at top-level management and ownership, Mr. Adler has focused his recent years on Cyber Security and defending our youth online. DBV has developed a proprietary encryption method that continues Adam’s mantra of “Privacy is Priceless”. DigitalBank Vault provides impenetrable defensive cyber solutions for Keyless End to End Encrypted, Peer to Peer, mobile, and computer communications. Adam and DigitalBank Vault have constructed new & disruptive cyber defense technologies to solve many privacy issues commonly found online and defend against unwanted intrusion.

Adam Adler (Miami, Florida) received a scholarship to play tennis at the University of South Carolina and graduated in 2007 Magna Cum Laude from USC, double majoring in Sports & Entertainment Management and Business. In 2005, Adam became an All American with his teammates at USC. Mr. Adler participated in the NCAA Indoor Championships in Seattle, WA as well as the NCAA Championships every year of his college career at USC. He and his team achieved a team high ranking of #8. Prior to attending USC, Adam was a highly-ranked junior tennis player from the age of 10 to 18. Adam began playing poker in his free time and quickly became entrenched in the game, studying hours a day. Adam traveled around the country playing in some of the highest stakes No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha cash games in the world. Adam has made multiple World Series of Poker Final Tables, with his most notable finish coming in 2018 with a runner-up finish in the $10,000 Turbo Event. Adam has won millions of dollars in both cash game and tournament poker over the last 15 years.

Adam Adler (Miami, Florida) is currently managing The Adler Fund, investing in cybersecurity, real-estate, emerging growth companies, cannabis, and biotechnology. Adam has recently started the Adler Agency, a sports management company with several of the world’s top, mid and lower-tier tennis players and select athletes across multiple sports. The Adler Agency focuses on bringing its clients revolutionary and out-of-the-box opportunities other agencies simply do not have access to. The Adler Agency is launching a world-class tennis academy and training facility in Charleston, SC at the beginning of 2021 to provide its players and others from around the world the opportunity to train and play with the sport’s best.

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