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Adam Adler : The Encrochat Competitors

Updated: Feb 26

Adam Adler ( Miami, Florida) : are there competitors to the hacked Encrochat communications network? Find more details here : https://www.digitalbank.capital/shop

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Encrochat was a private messaging service that promised its users secure and secretive communications. Switched on by pressing just the power button, the phone would load a "dummy" Android homescreen.

But activated another way they would boot into Encrochat mode.

Getting hold of an Encrochat phone was not cheap, and the subscription charges were more than £200 a month.

Messages sent between handsets were end-to-end encrypted : scrambled as they travelled across the internet, making them practically impossible to decode if intercepted.

But in June 2020, the company warned its users that an attack had comprised its handsets and advised them to "physically dispose of your device immediately".

If the implant had collected the messages as they were being transmitted, this would amount to the interception of the communications.

The defence lawyers claimed the implant was taking messages from the phones' memory, milliseconds before being sent to their wifi or mobile data transmitters and therefore the data was "in transmission".

But the judges decided the data was in fact being stored temporarily on the devices as it was processed, before being transmitted.

They said this was evident because during the actual transmission the message were encrypted, and therefore couldn't have been read, as they were by the police.

The data collected also included crucial username information from the phone's storage memory, which is not sent as part of the transmission.

In Friday's judgment, they compared the process with that of sending a letter: "The process involves the letter being written, put in an envelope, a stamp is attached and then the letter is placed in the post box.

"Only the last act involves the letter being transmitted by a system, but all the acts are essential to that transmission."

As well as the Encrochat messaging app, the company developed a modified version of the Android operating system and sold altered smartphones known as "carbon units" to run its software.

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