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Adam Adler: The Google Spyware that is always listening to you, even when your smartphone is off.


Adam Adler (Miami, Florida): The Google Spyware that is always listening to you, even when your smartphone is off.

Did you notice that when you start to speak about a subject, after a little while, you will suddenly notice that articles and ads about it are popping out on your search results?

Maybe you never paid attention, so we suggest you make the following test: say a few times a day the same sentence, just pick one, for example, "hotel in Dubai", do this it for 3 consecutive days, and you will see that ads, articles, blogs and videos about Dubai will start to appear whenever using Google Chrome or any Google products such as Youtube.

This is not a weird conspiracy theory, and we give you to power to test it by yourself and verify that what we are saying, is a completely proven fact.

You are spied on by Google 24/7, and on Android devices, the chances are that they listen to you, even when your smartphone is switched off, as long as your batteries are completely dead.

If you want to keep total privacy, we will teach you how to do it in a professional way, make no mistakes about it, currently, you are under surveillance.

Contact us for a confidential consultation on info@digitalbankvault.com , we are here to help you achieve maximum privacy by using the most advanced and sophisticated tools available in the intelligence community.


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