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Adam Adler: "The Most Secure Smartphones in The World 2021"

The Most Secure Smartphones in The World 2021

Adam Adler (Miami): If you are a VIP, Businessmen, a Politician, or someone whose data on his smartphone is too sensitive in this case, a regular smartphone is of course, not secure to use. For this reason, a lot of providers, like Blackberry, Sirin Labs, Nokia (Bittium’s Tough Mobile 2C), and many others have developed what they call the world’s most secure smartphones that feature an Enterprise secure space, Self Destruct Feature, Always-on VPN, and more features to eventually protect data from hackers. Can you really trust those secure communication devices in an absolute way? Of course not.

First major cyber issue: make no mistakes about it, the entire cellular network is 100% unsafe, whoever really wants to hack you, can hear, watch and read whatever you are doing on your so-called secure smartphone, as long as you are connected to the cellular network, especially while using the cellular internet connection.

The second cyber issue is that all smartphones, no matter how secure you think they can be, are vulnerable to spyware or malware. Each and every day new trojans are developed, and always more and more sophisticated.

Is a never-ending story, a race where you are in a loose situation. Hackers will always prevail, as long as you are online, creating like that the perfect entrance to your data. NO matter how many firewalls or anti-viruses or any other type of security measures you will adopt, you will continue to be totally exposed to hacking. So, please stop believing that your smartphone is a cybersecurity fortress because it is not.

The Most Secure Smartphone in The World 2021?

You cannot find any smartphone out there, that gives you total security, no matter what BS they will tell you. You still have to trust the suppliers that they are not allowing anyone to enter their servers because usually, all your secured communication is passing through them.

So what solution DigitalBank Vault is proposing in order to secure your sensitive communications and data transfers?

Okay, so Rule number one is working in an Air-Gapped Environment, we mean "offline" (all encryption/decryption process must be executed offline). Rule number two is to use the most advanced form of encryption available. Rule Number 3 Watch out how you transfer data from the offline to the online devices.

The above mentioned looks simple, but if not done in the correct way, you will find yourself exposed to hacking even if you think that offline devices cannot be hacked. You can use in quite a safe way current smartphone too, without the need to buy a secure smartphone, that anyway is not secure. You just need to take your top classified communications and data, offline, in a professional way, as all the leading secret agencies do.

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