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Adam Adler ( Miami, Florida): In case you don’t want to make your own CELLULAR unit but want to keep your mobile communication safe, you also have the option to buy one. You can also choose to purchase an encrypted SIM card, which is also known as white SIM cards. An encrypted SIM card makes and receives encrypted calls that cannot be intercepted. Additionally, using one of these, your phone number is randomly generated or you can spoof the phone number of any person, in order to hide your identity and location. As an extra feature, many of these SIM cards also offer voice change during calls to protect against audio analysis and identification. On the black market, these SIM cards are sold at cryptocurrency prices.

Today there are many companies offering secure phones for sale as well as encrypted SIM cards. Among them are the following companies.

An encrypted SIM card allows you to make and receive calls that are fully encrypted thus cannot be intercepted or listened to during transit. Furthermore, your outgoing number is randomly generated, thus hiding the origins & IMEI/IMSI data & location encryption masks your whereabouts.

Encrypted SIMS carry a number of names, from PGP SIM, Russian SIM, Encore SIM or simply an encrypted SIM card. There are numerous Encrypted SIM cards on the market, made by different vendors & offering different levels of security, a factor reflected by the price.


It really could not be simpler - insert the SIM card into your phone & start dialing. The general process used by our SIM cards is as follows:

Call someone or answer someone else’s call.

The call command contacts our automated servers through a secure USSD channel.

Our servers instantly substitute your voice, encrypt your number, and secure your location.

Continue the call through a private, secure channel.

After the call has ended, your interlocutor is left with a randomly generated number in his/her call log.


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