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An0m Cracked? The Real Story! An0m app hacked? An FBI Sting.

"The app AN0M was installed on mobile phones that were stripped of other capabilities," AFP said.

"The mobile phones, which were bought on the black market, could not make calls or send emails. [They] could only send messages to another device that had the organized crime app.

"Criminals needed to know a criminal to get a device,"

With some 11,000 users worldwide, and 1650 people in Australia said to have used the devices running An0m on them, criminals "handcuffed each other".

Law enforcement agencies say they have arrested hundreds of criminals around the world in a three-year operation, using a secure messaging app run by the American FBI.

The operation, jointly conceived by Australia and the FBI, saw the app ANOM secretly distributed among criminals, allowing police to monitor their conversations without their knowledge. It has led to arrests in 18 countries.

They include suspects linked to the mafia and organized criminal groups.

Drugs, weapons, and cash have also been seized.

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