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Are you being charged with criminal offences, based on unlawfully intercepted EncroChat evidence?

Encrypted telephones hit the headlines in June 2020 headlines due to a series of text messages allegedly sent to users of EncroChat. The company had marketed themselves as an international company who sold secure communications network and  encrypted handsets, claiming that law enforcement agencies have taken over some of the company’s infrastructure.

Today we had our domain seized illegally by government entities(s) [sic]”.

It is understood that users of EncroChat telephones received an urgent message saying security across Europe had been compromised for around 30 minutes;

“Due to the level of sophistication of the attack and the malware code, we can no longer guarantee the security of your device. We took immediate action on our network by disabling connectivity to combat the attack. You are advised to power off and physically dispose of your device immediately“.

Independent verification of any hack or whether the message actually came from EncroChat is still not publicly confirmed.

This catalogue of events resulted in the UK National Crime Agency and international police forces undertaking rapid searches and arrests in their respective areas. Many     individuals arrested may not have had any encrypted handsets in their possession.

Encro Talk has been described as a “encrypting all Voice over IP (VoIP) conversations using the ZRTP protocol and transmits them over a closed loop network. Industry Leading Hardware- Specially tailored to harden security. Removal of camera, microphone, GPS, and USB data port access”.

In summary, EncroChat handsets cannot be used to make voice calls. It uses a wifi signal rather than mobile networks and users are limited to text or picture messages. When the handset power is turned on, the device begins to encrypt. Resulting in the EncroChat phone wiping everything unless a 15-character password is entered correctly.

Encrypted digital data platforms are legal. They were developed over privacy and human rights concerns. Therefore, there are legitimate reasons people use encryption to protect their electronic messages. It therefore, follows that it is not necessarily illegal to be in possession of a handset installed with encryption technology.

Encrypted telephones however, have caused significant and growing concern for the police, government agencies and authorities, due to the fact that those involved in serious organised crime deploying the handsets as tools to further their illegal trade.

The generic history of mobile telephone usage by serious organised crime groups is that initially they used cheap, pre-paid cell phones (burner phones) of SIM cards to limit the authorities ability to track their communications.

In more recent years, many turned to iphones in the belief that encryption was a standard feature. Previously, without the passkey the police and authorities could not gain unauthorized access to the data on iphones. Developments and investment in technology have now resulted in law enforcement agencies being able to gain access in certain circumstances. This means that digital experts can now recover deleted pictures, texts, and files from a mobile phone which has not been overwritten.

Hence, the appeal of EncroChat who had marketed themselves as the “electronic equivalent of a conversation between two people in an empty room

However, the Court of Appeal [R v Nelson & Markham [2020]  have recently found that the confirmed that the use of encrypted mobile telephones and a sophisticated magnetised void space added sophistication to the drugs enterprise and therefore, was an aggravating factor for the purpose of any sentencing exercise.

This finding was reiterated by the Court of Appeal [R v English & Read [2020] EWCA Crim 100, 2020 WL 00592496] where the use of encrypted devices to communicate between participants allowed the court to describe this operation as “sophisticated”.



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EncroChat evidences has been collected from the storage on the devices seized . A real military grade encryption device can’t be ever accessed by any digital forensic tools such as Cellebrite.

Rule number 2 :

Never 👎 use encryption services that are server based . Servers can be hacked easily and all data passing through them can be intercept. Servers also store the messages so that also this cloud based storage can be accessed and used as evidence.

Rule number 3:

Never , ⛔️ ever trust their party encryption services. The moment you trust a third party for generating your encryption keys, manage and store them for you , it’s game over . It’s like giving the keys of your bank vault to a total stranger .

Rule number 4 :

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