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Are you Walking Naked? Cellphone Hacked? All Personal Data Exposed?

Are you Walking Naked? Cellphone Hacked? All Personal Data Exposed?

Our experienced team of cyber security experts and top level cryptographers at DigitalBank Vault ® has created what we consider to be the world’s best secure voice, messaging and data transfer device currently available: the DigitalBank Vault ® Device, which provides true end to end encryption.

​DigitalBank Vault provides Impenetrable solutions for secure mobile communications and includes :

1) Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice Calls

2) Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat

3) Ultra Confidential Email Platform

4) 100% Secure File Transfer and Storage

5) The World's Most Secure Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallet

DigitalBank Vault is actually an Unbreakable Encryption Device

DigitalBank Vault is an ultra secure communication device that protects sensitive and confidential information with top-grade end-to-end encryption on an impenetrable platforms that includes email , voice and text messages , secure voice calls ,and secure file storage .

DigitalBank Vault Clients can use their devices worldwide , in complete confidentiality and without additional roaming charges.

DigitalBank Vault protects users from all types of data breaches and withstand any hacking or tampering attempts.

DigitalBank Vault is ensuring full control of the information in the event a device is lost or stolen , no data can be extracted .

Our technology makes sure that encryption private keys are generated for milliseconds and are never stored on the device .

In addition no information can be ever extracted from the device because it is not stored at any given time on the device .

The DigitalBank Vault is a powerful encryption device , powered by a proprietary OS

The secure communication apps encrypt , end to end , your emails, chats, calls and file storage to protect you from data leaks, and man in the middle attacks.

Users of DigitalBank Vault ® technology are confident in the knowledge that the privacy and integrity of their communications across the spectrum of delivery , will be 100% secure, seamless and invulnerable to interception and hacking.
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