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Best Encrypted Cellphones for Secret Communications

DigitalBank Vault advantages Vs.

all other 'secure communication devices'

1. One-lifetime fee of $ 5000 USD. No annual subscription fees.

2. Encryption Keys generated by the user only.

Encryption Keys never stored in the device used or anywhere else.

Encryption Keys never exchanged with the communicating parties.

3. No SIM Card needed

4. Unlimited text messaging, audio and video messaging, audio calls,

file transfers, file storage.

5. "Air-Gapped" Offline Encryption System not connected to the Internet.

6. No Servers involved at any given time, completely autonomous system.

No third parties involved.

7. No registration of any kind - 100% anonymous without username/password.

No online Platform or Interfaces.

8. Unique, Personal, Dedicated Set of Encryption Algorithms for each individual client.

Totally Private Encryption System.

9. Air Gap Defense Technology: The Only Offline Communication System in the World.

10. Working cross-platform on Android Smartphones ( No SIM Cards Needed)

and Windows PC ( for office work)

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The USA and other governments around the world are making a stand for backdoors to allow access to encryption and call it “legal access”. They claim they need this access to prevent criminal and terroristic behaviors. This legal access will allow Governments to have full access to encrypted written and voice communications along with phone calling records via the backdoor. Phone records are often used in business espionage for competitors to access proprietary information such as contacts and clients. In the cyber world, this translates to: if phone calls and records are accessible to governments then hackers, criminals, and terrorists will also have access. If we allow the legislature to demand a backdoor, it won’t be long before the criminals and terrorists are accessing data through the same backdoors.

Today encryption is used on a daily basis to protect our banking systems, health records, government communications, proprietary business communications, domestic violence targets, human rights advocates, persons in countries with Dictators that have repressive policies, and the LGBT community in countries that stifle their freedom, to name a few.

The significant issue with back door access is that it substantially increases vulnerability to the presumed protected information. DigitalBank Vault does not have a backdoor as they are confident encrypted communications with a backdoor are not secure.

Backdoor access would be a gift to criminals, hackers, and repressive regimes, creating a way for them to decode the encrypted platform. This will leave every person on the platform more susceptible to real-life harm.

Amnesty International stated, “There is no middle ground if law enforcement is allowed to circumvent encryption than anyone can!” Preserve your information before you need to defend it.

A government-mandated backdoor to encryption will not stop criminals from communicating securely via alternative means. Criminals do not abide by the laws and may be able to develop and/or secure encryption without a backdoor for their own use.

Governments are not trying to prevent law-abiding citizens from getting something by mandating a backdoor to encryption. This is the government trying to take away your privacy that you already have!


Does your business need the 2021 most secure mobile phone?

Secure mobile phones have become a must-have for both organizations looking to secure their business interests and individuals seeking to protect their private communications and personal data.

As hackers have progressed to become more advanced in their hacking techniques, so have smartphone manufacturers needed to evolve to stay one step ahead of the new hacking risks.

What features do businesses and individuals need in order to keep their mobile phones both private and secure?

Most secure mobile phone 2021 – business use

Firstly, it’s worth noting that most businesses use mobile communication on a large scale, some communications can include sensitive information such as:

Intellectual property details

Financial information

Legal documents

Sensitive contract dealings

These are to name but a few. With this in mind, businesses need to ensure that their communications are kept secure and private, whilst acknowledging that the users may well use the smartphone for personal communications as well.

Most secure mobile phone 2021 - personal use

Everyone likes to know that their personal communications are kept private, especially those that have a high public profile. You only have to look back at the hacking of Jeff Bezos last year to realize that, if you don’t have the most secure mobile phone, you are at risk no matter who you are. We covered this story in our article titled “Unhackable mobile phones – Jeff Bezos phone hack”.

In addition to the security and privacy features mentioned above that aid business use, there are also further measures that have been built into the Blackphone PRIVY to ensure your communications remain private.

These include:

Untraceable device – The Secure OS means that the location tracker feature has been removed so it’s impossible to discover your location

Wiretap secured – The IMSI-Catcher Detector identifies suspicious activity and Stingray devices, which then alerts you straight away, meaning you can cancel the call and no wiretapping would be able to take place.

If you’re looking for the most secure mobile phone for 2021 then please give our team a call.