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Best Encrypted Mobile Phones 2022

There are a lot of encrypted phones providers in the market and new ones will pop up in the next months.

Please make no mistakes about it: encrypted phones are NOT immune to hacking, interception, surveillance, tracing, tapping and more. If you think that by buying an encrypted phone, your communications are safe, this is an illusion. Actually, if you are using an encrypted phone, you may become a target to hacking, more than any other simple smartphone.

Why? For one ☝️ simple reason: the fact that you are using it, is actually arousing doubts about " why if you are an ordinary person, dealing in lawful activities, you need such a phone? ". Using an encrypted phone is always tricky, instead of thinking that you may defend your commercial secrets and personal privacy, you will always become a suspect dealing in suspicious activity, that needs to be hidden.

Look what happened with Encrochat and Sky ECC! Authorities took them down and of course hacked all the communications. They also made a lot of arrests in regards. This is completely okay of course, but what about the thousands of legitimate users that really needed ultra secure phones ? Human Rights activists , Politicians , Reporters, Journalists , Dissidents, all those needs full privacy, but has been deceived into thinking that commercial encrypted phones can actually provide them some kind of safety.

The only way you can protect your privacy in 2022, is not to buy an encrypted phone. The real solution is to own your private encrypted communication network based on a dedicated encryption system, personalized to your security needs.

This is exactly what we are doing at DigitalBank Vault Limited : providing clients with private, individual, unbreakable, impenetrable , untraceable, anonymous, communication networks and SuperEncrypted Systems for data transfers and data storage,

We invite you to visit our website at

If you need the most advanced technologies in encrypted communications, that was available till now only to top level intelligence agencies , contact us for a free and confidential conversation at

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