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BEWARE: Covid "Green Pass" apps are sophisticated Spyware within your smartphones.

Beware: all "Green Pass' applications, no matter if European or of other countries, they are all working as an advanced spyware within your Smartphones .

Make no mistakes about it, not only your location is tracked, but this legal Trojan Horse, can extract the entire content of your device.

Just to give an example , the NSO Group, a cyber attack weapons company that delivers spyware by the name of Pegasus to different Governments, even the worst ones around, in March 2020, with the rise of COVID-19, this Israeli cyber-weapons manufacturer NSO Group launched a contact-tracing technology named ‘Fleming’.

Two months later, a database belonging to NSO’s Fleming program was found unprotected online. It contained more than five hundred thousand data points for more than thirty thousand distinct mobile phones. NSO Group denied there was a security breach.

Forensic Architecture received and analyzed a sample of the exposed database, which suggested that the data was based on ‘real’ personal data belonging to unsuspecting civilians, putting their private information in risk. This is only a "hot" proof of what is your "Green Pass" App, actually composed of.

Forget Contact Tracing...this is the story they tell you.

'Green Pass" Apps are a mass surveillance apps , they are designed in this way from the very beginning.

Tech companies, governments, and international agencies have all announced measures to help contain the spread of the COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Their help is in building advanced spyware that will reside within your smartphones, for years to come.

Unprecedented levels of surveillance, data exploitation, and misinformation are being tested across the world.

Many of those measures are based on extraordinary powers, only to be used temporarily in emergencies. Others use exemptions in data protection laws to share data.

The Solution? DO NOT INSTALL THOSE APPLICATIONS. Print your Certificate on paper and show that piece of paper around.

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