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Company boss who ran cocaine racket sent #Encrochat pic of his son in Colombian Drug 'Cali' kit

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A heroin dealer sent a photograph of his son wearing the colours of a Colombian football team from an EncroChat phone.

On Monday Liverpool Crown Court heard how Martin Grant and his brother Liam used the EncroChat phone network to supply drugs. The court heard how Martin Grant was a significant player in Class A drugs while his younger brother Liam was a 'cannabis wholesaler.'

Ben Jones, prosecuting, told the court that Martin Grant sent a photograph of his son on the EncroChat network. The photograph showed the boy wearing the colours of Cali, a Colombian football team.

Martin Grant, who used the Encro handle SwiftOrchid, also made reference to his mum's birthday on the phone. Police also found photographs of his back garden and fields near to his home. Mr Jones said that the messages helped police link Grant to the phone, in a process known as attribution.

Mr Jones said that Grant was linked to his work address through call data and through ANPR evidence, which records number plates on the road network. Martin Grant, 33, is a former managing director of Liverpool-based health and safety company Safety Support Consultants Limited (SSC).

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