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Top 10 Encrypted Phones 2023: beware of scams and cyber security illusions like #Encrochat or SkyECC

We are here to help you achieve absolute secrecy!

and understand your privacy needs !


In today's digital age, cyber security is more important than ever before. As people increasingly rely on their smartphones to store sensitive personal and business information, the need for secure communication has become paramount. This has led to the rise of commercial encrypted phones, which claim to offer secure communication and protection against hacking. However, recent events have shown that these devices may not be as secure as advertised.

Commercial encrypted phones are often marketed as the solution to secure communication. These devices are designed to protect users' privacy by encrypting their messages, calls, and other data. However, recent hacks and vulnerabilities have exposed the reality that these phones are not as secure as they claim to be.

One example of this is the recent hack of Sky ECC, an encrypted phone service used by organized crime groups. In March 2021, authorities in several countries arrested hundreds of individuals who were using Sky ECC phones to carry out criminal activities. The phones were compromised after hackers gained access to the service's servers, allowing them to intercept messages and other data.

Another example is Encrochat, a popular encrypted phone service that was shut down by law enforcement in 2020. The service was used by criminals to communicate and coordinate their activities, but it was compromised after authorities gained access to the company's servers. The service's encryption was rendered useless, and many users were arrested as a result.

The issue with commercial encrypted phones is that they rely on servers to transmit data. This means that if the servers are compromised, then the encryption is essentially useless. Additionally, many of these phones use proprietary encryption algorithms that have not been independently verified, so their security cannot be guaranteed.

It's important to note that there are alternatives to commercial encrypted phones that are more secure. One option is to use open-source encryption software, such as Signal or PGP, which have been independently verified and are widely used by security experts. Another option is to use hardware-based encryption, such as a USB drive or a smart card, which can provide an additional layer of security.

In conclusion, commercial encrypted phones may seem like the solution to secure communication, but recent events have shown that they are not as secure as they claim to be. These phones rely on servers that can be easily hacked, and their encryption algorithms may not be independently verified. To ensure secure communication, it's important to consider alternative solutions that have been proven to be more secure.

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We are here to help you achieve absolute secrecy!

and understand your privacy needs !



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If you need to communicate top classified information, transfer secret data or store sensitive files , you need an Anti Espionage and Anti Interception ENCRYGMA.COM Cipher Phone .

The ENCRYGMA.COM Mobile Cipher Machine is an above “Government Level”, Quantum Safe Encryption, mathematically uncrackable, no matter how much computational power is applied.

The Above Video has been posted by hackers that tried to extract information from our iPhones, in a "physical" way, by taking apart the device and trying to retrieve the data , directly from the chip that integrates the DBV Hardware Encryption Engine.

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Offline “ Air Gapped” Super Encryption Mobile Machines.


Offline “ Air Gapped” Super Encryption Mobile Machines.

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Cyber War Grade, Mathematically UnCrackable, Quantum Safe, Air Gapped (Offline) Encryption Machines More details ? Click here: .

“ If you need to communicate top classified information or you need to store secret data and be absolutely sure that no state-sponsored hackers, no foreign Governments , no intelligence agencies will be ever able to decipher the files, you need an Above Military Level Offline SuperEncryption System” 

Penetration testings:

“Untraceable, Near to UnHackable, ‘Perfect Secrecy’ Communications, more secure than a face to face meeting “ : Modus Operandi of Top secret ultra encrypted data transfer between two remote Offline Cipher Machines.

Imagine this “covert communications” scenario : Bob wants to send Alice an extremely confidential text message.

He is encrypting the message on his Air Gapped ( Offline) Mobile Encryption Machine . The encrypted message is transformed into a QR Code, then with an online connected device , Bob scan the QR code generated from his offline encryption machine .

This QR code containing the encrypted message is then posted by Bob’s online connected device, on an anonymous Instagram account that is then visited by Alice, who owns the same Offline Cipher Machine .

Alice then scan the QR code from the Instagram post and decipher it , totally offline, on her own encryption system that is powered by the same set of encryption algorithms of Bob’s system.

What just happened here is called “ Perfect Secrecy “.

✅ An OTP Ciphered information ( mathematically uncrackable encryption)  has been delivered to a remote receiver without  ever sending the receiver , directly, anything.

✅ Leaving no direct digital trace online of any type of communications between the two parties .

✅ All the encryption and decryption process happens on disconnected devices , therefore any online cyber attacks are near to impossible.

✅ Encryption Keys 🔐 used, are freshly created for each individual communication session , generated by the user, never stored on the device or ever exchanged with the receiving party.

✅ All data is permanently erased from the offline cipher machines.

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