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⛔️ Criminals are using Matrix after the downfall of #Encrochat & #SkyECC encrypted phone hacks

Mafia organizations all over the world reverted to Matrix encrypted chat after the hacking of Encrochat, Anom and Sky ECC. What they don’t know is that this Matrix is totally unsafe !

The Foundation, which oversees the Matrix decentralized communication protocol, said on Monday multiple Matrix clients and libraries contain a vulnerability that can potentially be abused to expose encrypted messages.

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Matrix is the same low security end to end encrypted communications application like Encrochat and Sky ECC!

🆘 Remember that all encrypted messaging apps that create for you the encryption keys 🔐 and all their communications are funneled through their servers , it’s a red flag 🚩 . Your encrypted will get hacked and deciphered. Make no mistakes about it!!


More details about the Matrix hack can be found on this link:

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