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Crypto Hacking Methods : Impersonating as Bitcoin recipients

Lately, most Bitcoin hacking happened when the companies held fundraising events in the form of ‘initial coin offerings’ asking investors to send bitcoins to them. Now, that’s where you get the answer to the question how to hack a Bitcoin address.

Clever hackers can impersonate as companies looking to receive the Bitcoin by setting up fake websites and persuading investors to send them Bitcoins worth millions of US dollars in their own Bitcoin wallets rather than the ones being used by the actual companies. And, once the Bitcoins are transferred to their wallets, there’s no coming back.

A clever spearphishing campaign linked to North Korea has been taking advantage of a surge in public interest surrounding cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, in order to spread malware to people interested or involved in the budding industry, according to new research from at least three different cybersecurity firms.

The campaign appears to be carried out by a hacking group known as the “Lazarus Group,” which researchers have linked to North Korea in previous attacks, such as the 2014 Sony breach, an $81 million Bangladesh cyber heist in 2016 and the WannaCry worldwide ransomware attack in May.

This scam focuses on convincing victims to download a Microsoft Word document that masquerades as a job posting for a position at a British cryptocurrency company. Once downloaded, the document prompts the user to “enable editing” and “enable content functions.” If the victim enables the prompt, a macro installs a backdoor that allows the attackers to install more malware at any time, according to cybersecurity company SecureWorks, a subsidiary of Dell.

Joshua Chung, a researcher for SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) told CyberScoop that there isn’t enough information to narrow down who exactly is being targeted, but that the nature of the scam suggests that it involves people in the cryptocurrency industry.

“[G]iven the lure describes an executive position for a cryptocurrency company, it might be reasonable to deduce that the recipients may be in the managerial positions within cryptocurrency companies. But again, we don’t have enough information to make any conclusive determination,” Chung said.

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