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Cyber Espionage 2022: How to Protect of Your Commercial Secrets? Cyber Defense of Critical Data

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With the widespread and accelerating use of unsanctioned consumer messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps within organizations, the risks to business communications have never been greater.

Confidential discussions by voice and text are increasingly vulnerable to eavesdropping and are being stored on networks and servers that are completely outside of organizations’ visibility and control.

Many organizations and individuals falsely trust the safety and security of making calls and

sending and receiving texts from their mobile devices.

However, there are a number of critical vulnerabilities inherent with mobile phones and mobile networks that put our personal privacy and organizations’ confidentiality at risk.

Understanding and preventing these risks are critical to protecting your business,

your employees and your clients and customers.

Our goal is to ensure that privacy is accessible for the many and not the few.

We want a world where people can be trusted and are able to remain in touch across

all corners of the globe, anywhere, anytime.

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