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Database's Cyber Defense based on the Science of Emptiness

The new approach developed by DigitalBank Vault to cyber defense of data at rest or in transit, is based on the Science of Emptiness .

The Science of Emptiness is a disruptive methodology developed by our team of cryptographers and cyber security engineers and more information in regards can be found on our corporate website.

The concept is simple : you cannot hack what isn’t there. It’s like breaking into an empty bank vault.

No data stored so in other words Nothing to Hack.

How is this ‘Emptiness' effect created? The very first step is not to store the pair of encryption keys used.

The DigitalBank Vault systems are not storing private and public keys anywhere, not on the devices used and not on any servers. Therefore an online or offline cyber attack will not retrieve any encryption keys.

The Science of Emptiness's first law is not to store , not only encryption keys, but also data or files of any kind.

In the case that the devices or systems used fall in the wrong hands, no valuable information can be ever retrieved.

We based our entire cyber defense technology on the Triple Zero OOO theory that we have developed into a standard : Zero Trust , Zero Knowledge and Zero Storage.

The Triple Zero standard says that you as a user do not have to trust with your secret communications and confidential file transfers and storage any third party, this is actually what we mean by Zero Trust.

Zero Knowledge says that in the case you must use a third party server or service or network, your entire data will be of zero knowledge to anyone exposed to it. They will not be able to decipher the info and will not have any possibility to do so because of the total absence of encryption keys.

The third zero is Zero Storage. DigitalBank Vault approach is not to leave physical devices used , empty of any kind of storage. If it is mobile devices or laptops or any other device used so that any offline cyber attack is useless.

In order to learn more about how to defend your sensitive communications and databases, contact us for a free and confidential consultation at

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