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DigitalBank is creating the Future of Confidential E-Banking .

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

No documentation or personal details needed for Opening Accounts , 100% anonymous and totally confidential crypto accounts . We are selling you an encryption device , we are not involved in any type of crypto custody , we do not hold your private keys and will never know your keys .

The First and Only Decentralized Anonymous Banking System in the World

The DigitalBank is the safest vault for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency , more secured than any cold storage option available on the markets . You can finally remain independent of third-parties to own your assets.

The DigitalBank breakthrough , is in the signing of transactions without storing any private keys - making the DigitalBank Account unbreakable and virtually unhackable . Of course this is true only in the case there is no man in the middle attacks involved or the user deliberately releasing information about his passwords

DB : World’s Most Secure Crypto Wallet

The Fort Knox Of Crypto Banking . DB is the most secure Bitcoin Vault available .

Based on a sophisticated encryption technology with No Ports ,No Backdoors ,No third party involved ,No private key stored , No data stored and with a Lifetime crypto account access guarantee, the DigitalBank Vault is the most secure crypto storage system available today .

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