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DigitalBank is the only Crypto Wallet that provides a Lifetime Access Guarantee.

The Security of your Crypto Funds is never, ever, compromised .

We provide you with independent recovery apps , that will allow you a confidential , personal access to your crypto funds , no matter what .

If the device is stolen , lost or seized , there is no problem at all . Your crypto wallet does not depend on the device . This means that we can send you a new device and you can access again your crypto account .

In addition you have two separate applications , that you can run and get access to your private keys and passwords .

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If the device is seized or stolen, taken apart and forensically analyzed no data can be retrieved. All DigitalBank devices provide the user , with the maximum privacy possible , that is a basic legal right of every citizen of a democratic state .

There are dozens of ‘hardware wallets ‘ none of them are fully secured, because they actually create for you and store the private key in an encrypted way , inside their device , so that they can be hacked and the private key extracted .

No matter how intelligent are their encryption systems , there will be always a wiser hacking team that will develop a more advanced way to bypass their system , this is an endless and never ending process of updating security on those devices , creating new firmware updates , and on the other end , for the hackers to find new vulnerabilities and entry points .

The moment the hacker get the private key of your wallet , he can get the funds on the blockchain .

In addition all hardware wallets and online wallets involves a third party , it means the company that runs the hardware wallet holds backups of your private key , and as long as a third party has access to your private key , you are not safe , because your private key is found also in their hands and basically they can take hold of your crypto funds .

With the DigitalBank Device , there is no third party involved , because we never store or know your private key , at any given time .

In the DigitalBank Device , the private key is not stored inside the device . There is nothing to hack actually .

We invite you to visit our Website and Online Store .

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