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Adam Adler: DigitalBank Vault ® is, Zero TRUST Encrypted Communication Solution.

Adam Adler( Cyber Warfare Advisor): DigitalBank Vault ® is a Zero TRUST Communication Solution

Zero Trust: The users of the cybersecurity systems do not have to trust any third party for storing their sensitive data or for securing their communications.
Zero-Knowledge: ​In case the transmission of data requires the use of third-party services e.g. in the form of servers, the information will be end-to-end encrypted, and 100% anonymous. This means the third party will have zero knowledge of the content of the files in transit.  
Zero Storage:​ No Storage, means that in the case of a hacking attack, there is virtually nothing to hack. DigitalBank Vault ® systems do not store encryption keys Anywhere, at Any given time.


You do not have to trust any supplier of secure communication devices because they supply you with a device that you do not really know what it includes. Maybe a transmitter? Maybe a backdoor for extracting information from it, physically? Maybe a built-in Spyware?

You do not have to trust also any type of secure communication app that has servers and that all your communication is passing through them. You cannot trust those app providers because you really have no idea if they can read or not your messages or have access to your encrypted content.

You cannot trust a company that is creating and managing for you the encryption keys.

DigitalBank Vault is working completely offline, we have NO SERVERS. The encryption system used can be downloaded directly from our open source files so that each and every line of code can be verified and tested.


For more information: https://www.digitalbank.capital/shop

What is Zero-Knowledge Encryption?

​In a nutshell, Zero-Knowledge encryption means that service providers know nothing about the data you store on their servers.

The Powerful DigitalBank Vault Encryption protocols protect your chat messages and VoIP calls to ensure absolutely private and untraceable communication.

​No information remains being stored on the user's device. Even when a mobile device is lost or stolen, no DigitalBank Vault information will ever be available to anybody finding the device. This means that no forensic analysis will retrieve any sensitive information (like voice calls, text messages, files and contacts) from the user's device.

DigitalBank Vault is the World's most secure private messaging system

Unbreakable encryption: best device for secret chat, private and classified, text, SMS, video, images, data & file transfer.

How to 100% guarantee your privacy and anonymity? Contact us in order to learn more about our solutions at info@digitalbankvault.com

Do you want to transform an Android device into the most advanced encryption platform available today? Learn More on this PDF presentation:

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Even if you lose your device , your information is absolutely safe because nothing can be ever extracted from it . You will be able always to access your emails, chats and messages ,even if the device is stolen , lost or seized .

​Secrets and Private Interests discusses in full Security . Now you can communicate certain in the knowledge your exchanges are protected by the world’s most comprehensive, device-to-device, military-grade, real-time encryption.

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