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DigitalBank Vault ® provides Undecipherable Mobile Communications Solutions

More than 80% of all communication is made with mobile phones and not through fixed lines or stationary systems. Implementation and use of secure mobile communication is today an unavoidable request – the many cases of mass surveillance and cyber attacks are a witness thereof.

The DigitalBank Vault  solutions are in line with the modern trend to use standard commercial devices in combination with the highest degree of security standards to transfer sensitive and confidential information. This strategy enables easy and fast implementation of the security systems at much lower costs than traditional dedicated and specialized encryption devices.

Complete solution under full and only control of your organization

Each communication is protected by a unique encryption key which is generated during communication establishment. It means that each communication between two users, even each communication between the same two users, has its unique encryption keys, which cannot be predicted. Each encryption key is destroyed immediately after communication ends.

The telecommucation operators are storing a huge number of personal metadata about the subscribers, their communication and location.

The DigitalBank Vault®  system doesn't require any personal data (name, address, GSM number, location or anything else). Communication is transmitted only as highly encrypted data (similar to browsing on internet) in encrypted form what makes your calls and messages non-traceable non- listenable and non -readable .

The DigitalBank Vault  offers the most advanced privacy technology, currently unavailable outside the agency world." The device offers encryption similar to what the defence forces and special agencies use to secure their communication.

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