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#Encrochat: Arrests for money laundering at the messaging service EncroChat

The public prosecutor confirms the arrests in the Netherlands. The suspects are said to have been involved in “the criminal organization surrounding EncroChat” and are guilty of money laundering, among other things. There were also searches last week, but the public prosecutor’s office does not want to make any further announcements because of the ongoing investigation. The suspects will remain in custody for at least two weeks.

In the past few months, people have also been arrested abroad because they set up and operated EncroChat, various media reported. It is still unclear who the suspects who were arrested in the Netherlands are.

Prosecutors have also charged those behind previously bundled messaging services, such as Ennetcom and PGP Safe, with money laundering. According to prosecutors, the founders of these companies knew that they served a criminal market and that their profits came from criminal funds.

The companies all supplied so-called PGP phones, special devices for encrypted communication. So far, police have cracked down on five messaging services, intercepting tens of millions of messages.



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