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#Encrochat brothers' plan to buy mum's home to launder drug money. Martin Grant using the Encrochat


Martin Grant began using the EncroChat network days after his release from prison on licence.

A well known Liverpool businessman discussed how to launder drug money with his younger brother.

Martin Grant 33, and his brother Liam used the EncroChat phone network to supply drugs. Martin Grant was a significant player in Class A drugs while his younger brother Liam was a 'cannabis wholesaler.'

Martin Grant is a former managing director of Liverpool-based health and safety company Safety Support Consultants Limited (SSC). Grant, originally from the Old Swan area, joined the company in September 2019 and resigned in January 2020.

There is no suggestion his crimes were in any way linked to his role at SSC. Grant began using the Encro handle SwiftOrchid shortly after his release from prison on licence in September 2019.

Grant, a dad-of-two, had been jailed for ten years in 2015 for slashing a man across the face with a knife. The victim suffered life changing injuries.

Today Liverpool Crown Court heard how Martin Grant discussed all aspects of the drug trade on the Encro network, including money laundering. Ben Jones, prosecuting, told the court how Martin Grant discussed laundering drug money with his brother.

Mr Jones said Martin Grant considered buying their mum's house so they could launder their profits from the cannabis trade. Mr Jones said Martin Grant appeared to be distributing drugs to the midlands, Lancashire and Carlisle.

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