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Encrochat case: He is sentenced to eleven years in prison after a large drug attack

Through a collaboration with police in the Netherlands, France and Belgium, Swedish police in 2021 were able to identify nearly a thousand suspected criminal individuals who had user accounts on the encrypted communication platform Sky ECC.

Since then, the work of analyzing the messages that the police have had access to has been ongoing.

Now a 40-year-old, previously unpunished man, has been sentenced to eleven years in prison for, among other things, extremely serious drug offenses – decisive for the outcome of the case have been the messages he sent and received via Sky.

Without seizing a gram of cocaine, he is now sentenced for having handled 74 kilos of the potent drug in the summer of 2020. The chats describe the handling of both drugs and large amounts of cash – just over SEK 17.5 million – in detail. The money was packed in bundles and taken in three different rounds out of Sweden to Serbia, hidden in different cars.

There, an unknown person has received the cash – which has since disappeared without a trace. Should they appear, they must, according to the court, be declared forfeited.

The district court believes that the content of the chats does not leave “any room for misunderstanding”. There are pictures of the drugs, of the money and a long line of messages describing the crime.

– The ruling clarifies the value of the content of these encrypted chats here so that we can investigate these crimes and access those who have more leading positions in the drug trade, says Deputy Chief Prosecutor Hanna Lemoine.

In one of the apartments in Stockholm, a seizure of over 50 kilos of cannabis was made, which customers linked to, among others, the 40-year-old.

The man was not arrested until October last year after a reconnaissance operation. During a raid on two apartments, one in Rågsved and one in Vällingby, just over 100 kilos of cannabis were seized. A 33-year-old man was arrested in one of the apartments and, on behalf of the 40-year-old, was engaged in, among other things, packaging drugs.

The 40-year-old was arrested a couple of hours later in the home in Nacka. There he kept 262,000 Swedish kronor and just over 8,200 euros in a kitchen cupboard.

The man denies the crime and says he is the victim of a conspiracy.

– The verdict will be appealed. It is incorrect in all parts, says the man’s lawyer Björn Sondell.

Another three men have been convicted in the case. The 33-year-old was sentenced for a serious drug offense to almost five years in prison and deportation to Montenegro, a 46-year-old from Rågsved to three years in prison for a serious money laundering offense and a 50-year-old in Helsingborg to two years in prison for aiding and abetting a serious drug offense.



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