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#Encrochat: Could Curtis Warren fill EncroChat void?

In a few short months the biggest name in the history of the Liverpool underworld and Interpol's former 'Target One' will be a free man.

If Warren fails to resist the temptation of the criminal life, the underworld he would be returning to is in turmoil. Many of the biggest gangsters in the UK are either behind bars, on the run or sweating about their doors going in thanks to the hacking of the EncroChat Hack.

The encrypted messaging system, believed by the National Crime Agency (NCA) to have been used almost exclusively by organised crime groups, was infiltrated by French police in 2020 and enabled law enforcement across Europe to watch in real-time as gangsters struck drugs and weapons deals, arranged distribution and even plotted murders.

Merseyside Police have described how EncroChat has put a vast swathe of senior organised criminals in prison or on the run. Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen, head of investigations at Merseyside Police, was recently asked whether the "vacuum" created by EncroChat was resulting in violence in Merseyside.

He said: "Encro has been absolutely phenomenal, and from my point of view has been the single most impactive tactic against serious and organised crime that policing has ever experienced.

"We have taken out lots of serious and organised criminals. You're right, that can create a vacuum, but what we're not seeing for example, is the firearms discharges that you might have seen in the past as a sort of battle went on as to who was going to control a particular area or drugs graft. We're not seeing that at this time.

"I would like to be able to say that is due to some effective local policing in terms of visibility, we're arresting and charging people effectively. I know that some of our Encro criminals have now left the country. So that might be a contributing factor, they're not here to have physical disputes that maybe then triggers firearms discharges."

Despite the hundreds of convictions secured on the back of EncroChat, demand for Class A drugs has gone nowhere.

The drugs trade in Europe is a complex picture. Albanian mafia groups dominate much of the cocaine supply into Britain, Irish crime families sit amongst the elite criminals of Europe, violent street wars involving Moroccan 'Mocro Maffia' groups are raising fears of the Netherlands becoming a "narco-state"

The fractured underworld, combined with the seemingly endless demand for cocaine in the UK, could give an experienced criminal operator with a web of contacts across the globe an opening. According to one of Warren's former drug-trafficking partners, ex Manchester crook Stephen Mee, he is a skilled "diplomat" and a master of forging contacts and spotting opportunities.

Speaking as part of a newly released BBC podcast on Warren's life, called 'Gangster', Mr Mee said of Warren: "He never walked about with his chest out or anything like that, he was just normal, you wouldn't notice him. He just melted into the background.

"I think it was a deliberate thing, you keep as low a profile as you can if you're doing something like this [drug trafficking]. You have to be a bit of a diplomat as a drug-dealer, you can't be shouting it out everywhere because otherwise people will just come and take it off you."

However, Warren's notoriety would also be his biggest enemy if he wanted to fall back into old habits. He will remain a man firmly on the radar of the country's most sophisticated police units, and he will be the subject of stringent conditions under the terms of a Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO).



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