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#Encrochat: Criminals used secret language on EncroChat to arrange gun and drug deals

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One such form of communication was unravelled after the imprisonment of one drug dealer exposed how one regular word had a dark hidden meaning. Waheed Zaman communicated with a fellow accomplice through the EncroChat messaging service.

In messages, the 43-year-old from Walsall used the term "sweets" to refer to ammunition for an illegal weapon. He used the encrypted messaging service, which was shut down in June, 2020, to arrange deals for a Czech-manufactured Skorpion machine pistol as well as Class A drugs.

Zaman, who went by the username 'Naturalmist', discussed the deal with his co-conspirator Aweis Bashir, 27, who went by 'Blackskull' before changing his username to ''. On April 3, 2020, Bashir contacted Zaman, however, he did not recognise the username and asked who it was.



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