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Encrochat dealer 'Diorpaw' moved 40KG of cocaine. John Digweed used the#Encrochat fake services


A "proud dad" was unmasked as Encrochat dealer "Diorpaw" who moved 40kgs of Class A drugs in just a few months.

John Digweed used the Encrochat services to organise the supply cocaine and heroin during the spring of 2020. The 33-year-old tried to deny he was behind the handle “DiorPaw” but a jury saw through his lies in December.

In his EncroChat messages to other dealers, Digweed made clear his focus was on “swilling”, or diluting drugs in order to increase his profit. One EncroChat message read: “Got 5-6 swills on tomorrow and I’ve got 5 different people I need to make for”


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