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EncroChat dealer Liam Garvey, ordered to pay back ill-gotten gains

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

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Liam Garvey, who was jailed for nine years and nine months last September, was found to have profited by £355,395 from his illegal activities.

After out-of-court discussions it was agreed that the 29-year-old has realisable assets of £39,923.

A judge at Liverpool Crown Court, Recorder Graham Wells, ordered him to pay the sum within three months or face an additional 12 months behind bars.

Garvey, of The Boulevard, Grange Park, is in jail after admitting conspiracy to supply 3kg of cocaine, conspiracy to supply 2kg of Ketamine and conspiracy to supply and produce 177kg of cannabis.

The court heard at the earlier hearing how he was arrested at his home in May last year after police smashed the Encrochat messaging service and he was revealed as the user of the handles, ‘Butterflyjuice’ and ‘Chopper-Reid.’

Anya Horwood, prosecuting, said that officers were able to link Garvey to Chopper-Reid account as it referenced a criminal case he faced, and there were discussions about his family members and current and previous addresses.

Miss Horwood said he then switched to the username Butterflyjuice where he confirmed his birthday and named his girlfriend.

The court heard he had 32 contacts saved in the phone and he had significant criminal conversations with 12 others between March 27 and June 6 last year.

Miss Horwood said they showed he played a leading role in the operation, as he, along with others, organised for people to work as live in harvesters at cannabis farms.

She said there were a number of conversations in which he referred to "the Albanians", or "the albos", farming and harvesting the cannabis for national distribution.

Garvey, who has four previous drugs convictions, was closely involved in three cannabis farms and among his duties was arranging deals, weighing and organising the distribution of drugs and arranging for money to be collected, said Miss Horwood.


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