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#Encrochat Dealer tried to buy ambulance to move drugs around the U.K. undetected during lockdown

Man detailed his plans in EncroChat, an encrypted messaging service infiltrated by police


A “wholesale broker” dealing significant amounts of cannabis, cocaine, heroin and amphetamine in the U.K. attempted to circumvent the country’s lockdown orders by buying an ambulance to transport drugs, Liverpool Crown Court heard earlier this week.

The man was released from prison in 2019, with conditions, and was allegedly back to selling drugs again days after his release.

In 2015, he had been jailed for ten years for slashing a man in the face with a knife. Upon his early release, he took to EncroChat, an encrypted messaging service, to get back into business.

Upon searching the man’s Encro device, they found he had been monitoring eBay for decommissioned ambulances in hopes of moving drugs around the country undetected during the country’s 2020 COVID lockdown.

The man also allegedly sent photos of the backyard parties he was hosting and police also recovered a chat log with his brother, also a cannabis dealer, as they discussed buying their mother’s home to launder drug money.

The man, who was formerly the managing director of a health and safety company, was linked to supplying six kilograms of cannabis, 9.5kg of cocaine, 5kg of heroin and 30kg of amphetamine. He later pleaded guilty.



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