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#Encrochat Drug dealers Jamaine Salmon, 32, and Gary Fenton, 45, dealt wholesale drugs

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Three men who conspired together in plots to supply guns and drugs across the North West have been jailed in a National Crime Agency investigation.

Drug dealers Jamaine Salmon, 32, and Gary Fenton, 45, dealt wholesale, multi-kilo levels to customers across the north west of England.

The duo also did business together on Encrochat, the encrypted comms platform taken down in 2020 by international law enforcement.

Evidence produced by Operation Venetic - the UK’s law enforcement response to EncroChat – showed Salmon, who lived in Manchester city centre’s Northern Quarter, and Fenton exchanged firearms and cocaine.

Salmon, who used the handle Maserati.Rick on the platform communicated with Fenton, known as Rarepalm, to strike various deals.

On 4 April 2020, Fenton, of Threadfold Way, Bolton, asked Salmon if he had “another strap” – slang for gun.

Salmon replied that he had one with 30 bullets and their conversation indicated Salmon had previously supplied Fenton with a firearm for £7,750.

A week later Salmon sent Fenton a list of guns that were available to buy including an Uzi submachine gun and a Skorpion machine pistol. Fenton then shared the list with his criminal contacts.

Several weeks later in June, Salmon bought a Skorpion firearm and then sold it on to Fenton.

In addition to discussing sourcing heroin, Fenton regularly bought cocaine – at around £40,000 a kilo, from Salmon, who was previously convicted of conspiring to supply Class A drugs in 2012.

Fenton used Karl Francomb, 45, to take delivery of the drugs at his home in Cranberry Fold Court, Darwen and hand over the money in exchange.

Salmon and Fenton both also dealt with other criminals.

Between April and June 2020, EncroChat messages showed Salmon dealing heroin, cocaine, mixing agents, ecstasy, ketamine and cannabis. In that period Fenton also offered to deal cocaine at around £40,000 a kilo to other offenders.

On 13 October 2021 the three men – all unemployed - were arrested.

Inside Salmon’s flat, NCA officers found £25,000 in cash and two Rolex watches worth £45,000; one alone was worth £35,000.

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