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#Encrochat: Inside Curtis Warren's 'hidden millions' tied up in 'untraceable web'

Curtis Warren is due for release this year and according to prosecutors could still have nearly £200million stashed in a murky network of hidden assets.

Whether Warren could access those riches upon his release is far from clear. He will be under close scrutiny as per the terms of a Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO) obtained by the National Crime Agency (NCA), which monitors and restricts his ability to hold assets at home or abroad.

Back in 2013, Warren was fighting the authorities in Jersey over an attempt to confiscate his drugs profits, following his conviction in 2009 for attempting to smuggle cannabis worth £1million onto the island. His scheme was rumbled in July 2007, only five weeks after his release from a Dutch prison where he had been serving time since 1996 over a £125million drugs trafficking plot.

The stakes were high. If Warren was able to rebuff the suggestion he had millions squirrelled away, he could have been released a short time later on licence. However if the state proved its case, Warren would be ordered to satisfy a gargantuan confiscation order or spend another decade in prison.



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