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#Encrochat: Jail for senior officer who allowed himself to be bribed

After anonymous tips and information from the investigation into the encrypted messaging service Encrochat, Daniël de J. was suspected.

The police noticed that he made many cash deposits, including in the name of his daughters and wife. This happened remarkably often just after meetings between De J. and Abdelhakim A. from Nijmegen. A. is seen by the American FBI as a supplier of telephones with the encrypted message service ANOM, which, according to the Americans, was only used by criminals. The chief agent also changed expensive cars remarkably often.

The court in Zwolle considered the bribery, violation of the official duty of confidentiality and computer intrusion as proven. The chief agent has undermined the rule of law by allowing himself to be bribed, the court said. “In doing so, he violates the trust society should have in police officers.” The judges also blame him for the fact that De J. was silent during the investigation and did not appear at the hearing. As a result, the court reached a higher sentence.

“Questions remain unanswered and he has not shown any insight into his behavior and its consequences,” the chairman said.

His counsel had requested a lesser sentence, partly because publications about the bribery had consequences for his family. However, the judges believe that a lesser sentence certainly does not do justice to the facts.

The agent received 500 euros for each time he sent information. With this he earned 44,000 euros and he has to remit that amount to the State as criminal profit.

The chief officer has been suspended since his arrest and was detained for a month and a half.



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