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#Encrochat Kinahan mobster’s son Lee Byrne poses alongside Steven Gerrard’s pet pooches

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Gerrard and his daughter Lilly-Ella both appear in numerous photos of the furry friends alongside Lilly’s boyfriend Lee

Lee Byrne - the son of Kinahan cartel lieutenant Liam Byrne - has been getting close to members of football legend Steven Gerrard’s family, including their pet dogs.

The photo shows Lee cuddling one of the family’s pooches and is one of the many snaps on an Instagram page dedicated to the Gerrard family dogs.

Gerrard and his daughter Lilly-Ella both appear in numerous photos of the furry friends alongside Lilly’s boyfriend Lee on the social media page, which is named after their toy poodles Barney and Blondie.

In one of the most recent posts on the page, Lee Byrne, whose dad is currently fighting extradition from Spain to face gangland charges in the UK, is seen cradling one of the dogs alongside the caption ‘best mates’.

In another, both dogs are pictured sitting on a furry rug on what appears to be a private jet that Lilly herself has captioned: “Safe flight guys”.

While in another Lee can be seen running along a beach with the dogs following behind him.

In December 2021, Gerrard introduced Blondie to his many fans when he welcomed the new addition to the family.

The Gerrard family’s pet poodle Barney who regularly appears on Steven's eldest daughter Lilly's Instagram feed, had already become a fan favourite since he was spotted "posing" next to his owner the previous year.

Sharing a snap of himself cuddling Blondie, Steven said: "Allowed out today this one", in a photo that shows him in what appears to be the family's home.

And when he celebrated his 14th anniversary with wife Alex that June, it was Barney, pictured posing next to the Premiership trophy lifted by Rangers, that stole the show.

Now, daughter Lilly-Ella who has been dating Lee for over a year, has posted fresh pictures of her boyfriend holding Blondie on the ‘barneyanblondie’ Instagram page.

Lilly and Lee are often pictured together on their social media pages and recently her and her dad wished Lee a happy 24th birthday, two months after his father was arrested in Spain on foot of a warrant to face gangland charges in the UK related to the Encrochat hack.

Liam – the older brother of Regency Hotel murder victim David Byrne – remains in Spain where he is fighting extradition.

Posting a picture her herself taking a selfie in a lift with boyfriend Lee on Instagram, Lilly wrote: “Happy birthday Lee, hope your birthday is as special as you” alongside a series of love heart emojis.

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