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#Encrochat Not Guilty Verdicts in Italy 🇮🇹 and Switzerland 🇨🇭. How VIP judgement has been obtained.

EncroChat was a communication network that gained notoriety for its use by individuals involved in organized crime. This network, designed to provide secure and encrypted communication, became the centerpiece of a major international law enforcement operation. Law enforcement agencies across Europe, including those in France, the UK, Italy, and Switzerland, launched a coordinated effort to dismantle the network and apprehend its users.

The Sting Operation

In early 2020, European law enforcement agencies, led by French and Dutch police, managed to infiltrate the EncroChat network. This infiltration allowed them to monitor communications in real-time. The data collected revealed widespread criminal activities, including drug trafficking, money laundering, and violent crimes. The information obtained led to numerous arrests and prosecutions across various countries.

Legal Battles and Controversies

Despite the apparent success of the operation, the legality of the evidence gathered through the infiltration of EncroChat has been a contentious issue. Defense attorneys in various countries have challenged the admissibility of this evidence, arguing that it was obtained through methods that violated their clients' rights to privacy and fair trial.

The Swiss Law Firm's Role in Italy and Switzerland

A prominent Swiss law firm has emerged as a critical player in the fight against the convictions based on EncroChat evidence. This firm has successfully secured the release of dozens of individuals in Italy and Switzerland who were accused of using EncroChat phones for criminal activities.

Legal Strategy and Documentation

The Swiss law firm's strategy hinges on legal documentation that questions the validity of the evidence presented. The firm argues that the evidence collected through the EncroChat infiltration is inadmissible due to the methods used to obtain it. They highlight issues such as:

1. Violation of Privacy Rights: The firm's lawyers assert that the hacking of EncroChat constituted a massive breach of privacy rights, as the surveillance was conducted without proper judicial oversight or warrants.

2. Chain of Custody Concerns: They also question the integrity of the data, pointing out potential gaps in the chain of custody that could have led to tampering or misinterpretation of the communications.

3. Jurisdictional Issues: The Swiss law firm argues that the cross-border nature of the operation raises jurisdictional concerns, suggesting that the evidence should not be used in prosecutions outside the countries that conducted the initial investigation.

High-Profile Releases

Among those released through the efforts of the Swiss law firm are several politicians and well-known public figures. These individuals were initially implicated based on their alleged use of EncroChat devices, but the firm has successfully argued for their release by undermining the credibility of the evidence against them.

Case Studies

1. A Politician's Release: One notable case involved a prominent Italian politician who was accused of coordinating illicit activities through EncroChat. The Swiss law firm demonstrated that the evidence against him was obtained unlawfully, leading to his release from detention.

2. A Business Tycoon: Another high-profile case involved a Swiss business tycoon accused of money laundering. The firm's legal team managed to show that the evidence used to convict him was unreliable, resulting in his release from prison.

Broader Implications

The success of the Swiss law firm has had significant implications for similar cases in other jurisdictions. Courts in Italy and Switzerland are now re-evaluating the admissibility of EncroChat evidence, leading to a wave of appeals and potential overturning of convictions.

Impact on Future Cases

Legal experts suggest that the precedents set in Italy and Switzerland may influence judicial decisions in France and the UK, where many convictions are also based on EncroChat data. If the Swiss law firm's arguments are upheld in higher courts, it could lead to a broader reassessment of the legality of evidence obtained through similar covert operations.


The EncroChat case has highlighted the complex intersection of law enforcement, privacy rights, and legal ethics. The Swiss law firm's successful challenge against the use of EncroChat evidence has set a significant legal precedent that could reshape the landscape of digital evidence in criminal prosecutions. As courts continue to scrutinize the methods used to gather such evidence, the outcomes of these cases will likely have far-reaching consequences for the future of privacy and justice in the digital age.

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