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#Encrochat: Previously unpunished gets 11 years in prison for drug offenses

The verdicts fell in Södertörn District Court against three people who, among other things, have brought in large amounts of cocaine and taken out millions of kronor from Sweden. Parts of the evidence were in encrypted chats.

The principal was sentenced to 11 years in prison for a particularly serious drug offense when he brought in and sold about 74 kilos of cocaine in 2020. The evidence was in the encrypted chat Sky Ecc. He is also sentenced for possession of just over 100 kilos of cannabis distributed in several places in Stockholm during October 2021.

The case was preceded by a brief reconnaissance operation. In connection with this, the police arrested the man, who has been in custody since then. In the judgment, Södertörn District Court declares SEK 17.5 million confiscated as the principal is considered to have received this amount in exchange for a crime.

Another person is sentenced to three years in prison for a serious money laundering offense, after taking out almost six million kronor from Sweden, hidden and packaged in vehicles.

A third man is sentenced to two years in prison for a serious drug offense when he kept a large amount of cocaine in his apartment in Helsingborg.



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