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Encrochat Replacement 2021 by Adam Adler Cyber Advisor

What is the best alternative to the Encrochat secure smartphone? Contact us today at info@digitalbankvault.com or visit : https://www.digitalbankvault.com/the-digitalbank-vault-encryption

What is the best alternative to the Encrochat secure smartphone? Encrochat failed and now is out of business. Encrochat Got hacked and their entire communication system has been compromised. Need an absolute secure form of communication , used by top level lawyers, VIPs, CEOs, Celebrities ?

DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated Digital Anti Surveillance & Anti Interception technologies: military-grade encryption systems for ultra-secure anonymous communication (voice, video & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & impenetrable storage solutions

DigitalBank Vault protects users from all types of data breaches and withstands any online or offline hacking attacks for one simple reason, it does not store or share any encryption keys, data, information, or related files.

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